Iowa Decides: Obama and Huckabee Win Caucus


Well, the results are in and both Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee emerged victorious from Thursday’s caucus in Iowa. The final totals for each party are as follows:

With 100% of Democratic Precincts Reporting In:

Barack Obama: 38%

John Edwards 30%

Hillary Clinton: 29%

Bill Richardson: 2%

Joe Biden: 1%

Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich: 0%

With 95% of Republican Precincts Reporting In:

Mike Huckabee: 34%

Mitt Romney: 25%

Fred Thompson: 13%

John McCain: 13%

Ron Paul: 10%

Rudy Giuliani: 4%

Duncan Hunter: 1%

Additionally, as a result of their poor performance tonight, both Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have dropped out of the race. You can read our live blog of the night’s coverage here for in depth coverage of the caucus, and if you enjoy that, you can join us next Tuesday for our New Hampshire live blog when we see if Obama and Huckabee can go for two in a row. Join us later tonight for our personal takes on tonight’s results as well as what they mean for the election on the whole.

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