McCain: “Don’t vote for me, I’m a crazy old coot”

John McCain seemed all but done for not even a month ago. However, he has recently made a surge and has a decent chance to win New Hampshire and continue on from there and how does he handle this? By saying that troops in Iraq could stay there “maybe a hundred years” and that that would be “fine with me.” Now I want to know, who does he actually think that message appeals to? Halliburton? Certainly not anyone who would actually consider voting in this election. To clarify, he meant that we have troops in Japan and South Korea all the time and that he doesn’t care “as long as Americans are not being injured, harmed or killed.” He even told a journalist that they could stay for a thousand for a million years. Too bad America probably won’t exist then. Did you think of that one? Huh? Didn’t think so. Anyways, while I realize what he was really trying to say, what he didn’t realize is that chumps like me will eat this up and chumps like you stopped reading after the third sentence. It’s just not something you want to have in quotes followed by a hyphen and your name. He could win in New Hampshire and legitimize his bid as the Republican candidate. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut, tear up about torture in the debates Saturday, be cute on Meet the Press this Sunday, and cruise to victory. But instead, he creates one of the worst quotes possible. Nice.


15 Responses

  1. I have to say that leaving Iraq would be a HUGE mistake. You do realize what he meant by those comments as you metioned so why mention it in a negative light.

    I agree with McCain and thing that he will be the next President of the US. What will win him the election is that he is the only person riunning for president that has credibilty when it comes to foreign relations. When it comes right down to it, we have not been attacked since Bush took the fight to them in Iraq.

    If a Democrat gets elected and we leave Iraq, the radical Islamic terrorists will be jumping for joy. Another attack on our soil could happen and then President Bush will look like the Yale scholar that he was.

  2. I mention it in a negative light because my problem with him isn’t that he wants to stay in Iraq, that wasn’t the point of this post. My problem is that as a politician he needs to be smarter with what he says, what does he expect with comments like that. A seasoned veteran shouldn’t be making blunders like that on the campaign trail.

    And maybe if we leave Iraq they will have less of a reason to want to attack us. Don’t say anything about a Democrat not being able to keep us safe. Increased security or staying in Iraq will not keep us safe. If they want to attack us, they will. All they have to do is strap a bomb on and walk into a mall. What will deter attacks is better relations that make nations want to control these factions within their country so they don’t come over here and attack ours.

  3. Better relations with Radical Islamic terrorists that have no association with a country. Hmmm. I wonder how those talks would go.

    What those Middle East countries need is hope for a better future. If we leave now, that is not going to happen.

  4. I meant better relations with the nations that they are in. The countries that harbor and are home to terrorists should be keeping them in check, not us. If we can have better Middle East relations, then maybe we can help reduce the sentiment for radical Islam over there.

  5. “And maybe if we leave Iraq they will have less of a reason to want to attack us.”

    Though I agree with you, I try to look at it from both sides. Were we not attacked before we were in Iraq, and since then nothing?

  6. I don’t think it is that easy, you can’t say that Iraq is necessarily the reason we haven’t been attacked. We also haven’t been attacked since the Red Sox won the World Series. Maybe the reason we haven’t been attacked here is because if they want to kill Americans all they have to do is go next door. And it isn’t like they haven’t tried, since we stepped up security, a few plots have been thwarted that wouldn’t have been before 9/11. So I don’t think you can say that Iraq is the reason with any confidence at all.

  7. Yeah, Iraq is the reason why we’re less safe today, according to the National Intelligence Estimate. Our invasion and occupation created Al Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq was 0% responsible for the attack on the WTC and Washington. That was bin Laden and Afghanistan. But now that we’ve lost focus on that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are surging again in Afghanistan. Iraq has led to less favorable relations with countries in the Middle East that are already apt to not liking us.

  8. Valid point, but taking the fight to their doorstep was the overall plan wasn’t it? Instead of innocent civilians getting blown up in America, our troops have a fighting chance of defending themselves and doing their best to bring peace to the region, with the overall goal of combating terrorism.

  9. So now instead innocent Iraqis are dying at a much higher level. And who’s doorstep? If we were bringing it to the terrorists doorstep we would have brought the battle to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia was where bin Laden was from and where a majority of the high jackers were from. Afghanistan was where their main bases were located. After our main “showing” in Afghanistan we became distracted by Iraq and the oil and contracting opportunities there and left the terrorists to gain more power in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

  10. The Middle East is the hotbed for radical Islamic terrorists. Iraq is the main spot right now but by no means the only one. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey(to a lesser extent), etc are all breeding grounds for terrorists. I truly think that we need a US presence their besides Israel to ensure our safety.

    The number one goal of any president is to protect out country. President Bush has made this his number one goal since 9-11. He is one of the few politicians and Americans that has not wavered on his policy and attitude on Iraq. This is not typical of politicians and he deserves a lot of credit for sticking with his original plan.

    The terrorists know the weaknesses of Americans. We are soft and can’t stand anything going somewhat bad. They knew from the start that Americans would soon tire of the war and start crying about how unjust it is and that we need to get out.

    They know the American people pretty well it seems.

    For those that think we should get out, why do you? What good will it do besides save our troops lives(this would be a good thing but it is their job to protect us)? It will definitely make our country less safe if the terrorists get a hold on Iraq. Imagine if that happens.

  11. In response to Kyle, how do you know that the al-Qaeda in Iraq are all new? Most came in from Syria and Iran. That means that they already had a predisposition to hate the US and possibly already be al-Qaeda members.

    The only way I see it is that we have not been attacked since 9-11 by taking the fight to them. Maybe it is luck, but maybe it isn’t.

    However, it is a fact. I would hate to be the President to withdraw troops only to see a terrorist attack on our soil again.

  12. My thoughts on this are that if we improve Middle East relations, then governments over there will attempt to take care of their own problems. They should be the ones policing their countries, instead of looking the other way. And currently, being in Iraq is not improving relations. But, I don’t believe any of us know enough to know whether or not staying or leaving will hinder or create more attacks so hopefully our next president will have enough information and use it to make the correct decision.

  13. In my opinion we should be talking to Syria and Saudi and Iran about making a middle eastern coalition to eventually take over the security of Iraq in America’s place. And then obviously an eventual democratic Iraqi government

  14. That’s what I’m saying. We should have better relations with the Middle East so they want to tackle the problem of radical Islam themselves.

  15. We have never had good relations with the Middle East due to Israel, oil desires among other things. They distrust the West and many hate us. I don’t see a postitive dialogue happening even if we leave.

    Now what ASwadner mentioned about an Middle East Coalition is an interesting idea. Kind of like the the African Union or NATO.

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