No One Cares About Wyoming Except Romney


Sandwiched between the heat of Iowa and the upcoming unknown of New Hampshire, Wyoming held its Republican caucuses today. The state receives 14 delegates (12 now and 2 more at the state convention), getting a cut from 28 because of their decision to become an earlier state. They decided the 12 delegates at county conventions.

With 92% reporting right now, Mitt Romney has 8 votes, Fred Thompson has 2 votes, and Duncan Hunter has 1 vote. We’re waiting on one more delegate vote, but Romney has easily taken the state.

These are the first actual GOP delegates elected to the National Convention, as Iowa waits until the state’s convention in June. Still, there was very little coverage of this caucus. Most expect the results to have little impact on the overall decision. But Wyoming Republicans gave up a number of their delegates to move this vote because they wanted more attention paid to their state’s politicians and citizens. Did it work? Minimally. The state did get increased political traffic, but was continually overshadowed by Iowa and New Hampshire. But if nothing else, Wyoming Republicans had the chance to be more involved in the presidential campaign process.

First G.O.P. Delegate Goes to Romney – [New York Times]


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