How Does That Add Up to 35?

In the New Hampshire debates last night, Hillary Clinton again lauded her “35 years of experience.” By my count she has seven years of experience as an elected official. So where are the other 28? Well, apparently she learned some from osmosis as the First Lady, so there is another, albeit debatable, eight years of experience. Now we are left with 20 years of experience that I can’t quite seem to account for as valuable lessons for being president. She failed the District of Columbia’s bar exam, but passed Arkansas’, so she stayed there to practice law and eventually became First Lady of Arkansas when Bill was elected governor. How she can claim she has far and above more experience than other candidates when only seven of her claimed 35 are universally considered legitimate is beyond me. By my count, Barack Obama has been an elected official for 11 years, so I don’t think Hillary should be bragging too much about her wealth of experience over the Senator from Illinois. However, as we saw in Iowa, the experience card isn’t doing too hot as “change” beat “status quo” by 8%.

Experience — Sen. Clinton says she has 35 years of it – []


5 Responses

  1. Resemblance?

  2. Now that we know from Hilary… that one’s tenure as “First Lady of Arkansas” counts as experience in public life – –

    …she might do well to add to the appeal of her candidacy, by offering the vice-presidency…

    … to Janet Huckabee.

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  4. If time in the White House counts, what about Monica Lewinsky. I thought she spent more time in the Oval Office than Hillary did. Is Monica qualified to be president?

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