Civic Alert Presents: New Hampshire Liveblog

Well, it’s over, and regardless of how you feel about the results coming out of New Hampshire, we here at Civic Alert had another successful liveblog bringing you up-to-the-minute coverage and commentary throughout the evening. Read on to learn why tonight turned out the way it did, what made one of our writers claim that women shouldn’t vote, suggestions of other three word phrases Obama could have used in his speech and which one of us cried to get a sympathy vote!

Kyle (6:46:44 PM): This is the first chat room i’ve been to in a while
Kyle (6:46:50 PM): looking forward to it
Curt (6:46:54 PM): 9% in, Clinton 38% Obama 36%
Scott (6:47:00 PM): yeah
Scott (6:47:03 PM): edwards 17%
Curt (6:47:15 PM): 43% of Democratic voters have been independents
Amy (6:47:15 PM): mccain 37%
Amy (6:47:20 PM): romney 28%
Amy (6:47:27 PM): huckabee 12%
Kyle (6:47:44 PM): And don’t forget Ron Paul at 8%!!
Kyle (6:47:50 PM): i still think he’s coming in third!
Scott (6:48:06 PM): it’s still anybody’s game
Curt (6:48:15 PM): Yeah, far too early to call
Scott (6:48:29 PM): wow kucinich has 2%
Kyle (6:48:37 PM): just as i predicted!
Scott (6:48:55 PM): Clinton and Obama are now tied
Scott (6:48:59 PM): 37-37
Curt (6:49:05 PM): New Hampshire is such a weird state, this whole early state thing needs to be relooked at
Scott (6:49:33 PM): yeah
Scott (6:49:42 PM): I heard a plan for a rotating schedule that seemed like a good idea
Scott (6:49:51 PM): every four years, different states would rotate through the early status
Amy (6:50:02 PM): yeah i’ve heard about that too…there’s no reason the same states should have early voting every single year
Curt (6:50:09 PM): What is the point of having any early states at all?
Kyle (6:50:22 PM): an interesting snipet, no one, since 1972, from either party has won both iowa and new hampshire and lost their parties nomination
Kyle 6:50:31 PM): good news for obama if he can bring in the votes later tonight
Kyle(6:50:36 PM): tradition?
Scott (6:50:37 PM): good call
Curt (6:51:14 PM): I think I saw something earlier that the only presidents not to win New Hampshire and go on to get the nomination have been Clinton and Bush
Kyle (6:51:38 PM): yeah i know for republicans, 7 out of the last 8 nominees have won NH
Scott (6:52:12 PM): however, this campaign is much too different to fall in line with tradition
Curt (6:52:19 PM): very true
Kyle (6:52:24 PM): that’s true
Curt (6:52:29 PM): anyways…can someone tell me why we need early states?
Scott (6:52:34 PM): sure
Scott (6:52:47 PM): states need to be staggered so that candidates can campaign in all the states
Scott (6:52:56 PM): if all states were on the same day, candidates would only focus on the biggest statest
Scott (6:53:02 PM): which would screw all the smaller ones
Kyle (6:53:18 PM): mmhmm
Scott (6:53:19 PM): and when states are staggered, there will naturally be early states and late states
Curt (6:53:24 PM): alright makes sense makes sense…but it just seems like we need to have states that are more representative of the country first
Scott (6:53:28 PM): however, I think the order should rotate
Scott (6:53:45 PM): well, Iowa is in America’s heartland
Curt (6:53:49 PM): 94% white
Scott (6:53:52 PM): ha
Scott (6:53:53 PM): yeah
Curt (6:53:55 PM): just like the rest of america…oh wait
Curt (6:53:59 PM): rural
Kyle (6:54:00 PM): 94% grandparents
Curt (6:54:02 PM): uneducated
Curt (6:54:06 PM): including mine!
Curt (6:54:13 PM): who are educated mind you
Kyle (6:54:31 PM): i’ll make sure to high five them next time i see them

Amy (6:54:35 PM): clinton is back at 38%, obama at 36%
Amy (6:54:41 PM): but only separated by 300 votes
Scott (6:54:59 PM): yeah, percentages don’t mean anything right now
Kyle (6:55:03 PM): it’s a little scary how the republican results are mirroring the latest polls but the democrats are skewed
Scott (6:55:08 M): it’s so early only a few votes mean an entire percentage
Scott (6:55:31PM): At this time in the Iowa caucus, it was Edwards in the lead, with Clinton in second and Obama in third
Scott (6:55:34 PM): there’s still a lot of time
Scott (6:55:45 PM): how do you guys feel about Hillary crying?
Curt (6:55:50 PM): Frank Rich is on MSNBC
Curt (6:55:55 PM): from the New York Times
Amy (6:55:55 PM): people keep saying she was faking it
Kyle (6:55:56 PM): i believe it was overplayed
Curt (6:56:05 PM): yeah..personally…who cares?
Amy (6:56:10 PM): exactly
Kyle (6:56:11 PM): mitt romney cried three times during this campaign and no one talked about that
Amy (6:56:14 PM): doesn’t make a difference to me
Kyle (6:56:44 PM): as much as i don’t like her, i believe on this point she is being held to a double standard
Amy (6:56:44 PM): if she thinks that seeming like she has a heart will seriously help her campaign, then go for it
Scott (6:57:10 PM): yeah, if it was fake, it was a risky move
Scott (6:57:29 PM): for a candidate who has tried so hard to seem as tough as guys, breaking down like that really shows weakness
Kyle (6:59:16 PM): polls close in 1 min
Kyle (7:00:23 PM): richardson is at 4%… maybe we should check the predictions
Kyle (7:00:28 PM): :]]
Curt (7:00:33 PM): maybe you should check your pants
Kyle (7:00:59 PM): haha
Scott (7:01:01 PM): omg, CNN just predicted John Edwards in third place
Kyle (7:01:06 PM): for genius juice?
Scott (7:01:07 PM): a really risky prediction
Curt (7:01:28 PM): wow…they are really going out on a limb
Kyle (7:01:35 PM): haha
Scott (7:01:47 PM): McCain still wiping up
Kyle (7:01:48 PM): lets be the first in the nation, we called 7th for Duncan Hunter
Curt (7:01:50 PM): MSNBC is hillarious
Curt (7:02:19 PM): hilarious
Curt (7:02:27 PM): im dropping the spelling ball tonight
Scott (7:02:29 PM): OFFICAL CIVIC ALERT PROJECTION: Duncan Hunter will take 7th
Scott (7:02:31 PM): confirmed
Curt (7:02:34 PM): boom
Curt (7:02:38 PM): put it on
Curt (7:02:46 PM): send it to drudge report
Kyle (7:02:49 PM): hopefully thompson doesnt slip up and finish 7th
Kyle (7:02:58 PM): should we project thompson 6th then?
Kyle (7:02:59 PM): eh?
Scott (7:03:04 PM): probably safe
Amy (7:03:14 PM): the separation between obama and clinton is now up to about 1,000 votes
Curt (7:03:15 PM): McCain better clean up in NH
Amy (7:03:39 PM): 39% clinton, 36% obama
Kyle (7:03:54 PM): If he win NH, do you think he’ll win SC, or will Huckabee’s religion be a force in the southern state?
Curt (7:04:12 PM): I don’t know how McCain is doing elsewhere
Curt (7:04:17 PM): I mean..New Hampshire is his state
Curt (7:04:30 PM): if he loses, he is back where he was a few weeks ago when we though he was done
Amy (7:04:45 PM): i think huckabee is too strong in south carolina
Curt (7:04:48 PM): South Carolina will be a tough state for him
Kyle (7:04:50 PM): yeah, he is finished if he finished 2nd
Scott (7:05:21 PM): McCain’s GIANT lead right now probably doesn’t bode well for Obama
Scott (7:05:28 PM): it means independents are voting McCain
Kyle (7:05:49 PM): but every news source i have heard says that 60% of independents are voting democratic
Scott (7:06:04 PM): it’s a hard thing to predict
Curt (7:06:14 PM): apparently 38% of Republican voters have been independent
Curt (7:06:32 PM): haha..someone just called Feb. 5th Tsunami Tuesday
Curt (7:06:38 PM): I thought it was Super Tuesday?
Kyle (7:06:54 PM): haha they’ve been saying that all day
Amy (7:06:57 PM): tsunami tuesday sounds angry
Curt (7:07:03 PM): and inconsiderate!

Kyle (7:07:56 PM): Huckabee does have a double digit lead in SC as of now, but i feel a McCain victory in NH can cut into that
Amy (7:08:30 PM: only 44% of N.H. obama voters are registered democrats
Amy (7:08:56 P): those independents are soooo key. it’s scary to have it rely so much on them.
Kyle (7:09:11 PM): If Clinton holds onto her slim lead somehow, i think we can safely say it will be the biggest surprise of this campaign
Kyle (7:09:21 PM): even bigger than obamas margain of victory in Iowa
Curt (7:09:45 PM): At least Obama won’t cry about it!
Kyle (7:09:50 PM): ohhhhhh
Kyle (7:09:51 PM): snap
Kyle (7:10:00 PM): Paul is less than 100 votes behind Giuliani
Scott (7:10:31 PM): 50 people have actually voted for Gravel?
Scott (7:10:35 PM): he must have family in the state
Kyle (7:10:38 PM): haha
Amy (7:11:01 PM): thompson is pushing 300 votes. keep going, buddy!
Kyle (7:11:41 PM): Richardson is up to 5% according to cnn, there goes my prediction
Scott (7:11:57 PM): he could always fall again
Scott (7:12:08 PM): however, he’ll probably keep going towards my prediction
Kyle (7:12:24 PM): cnn predicts a mccain win
Curt (7:12:28 PM): MSNBC just predicted it
Curt (7:12:30 PM): too
Scott (7:12:40 PM): we all predicted it last night
Curt (7:12:45 PM): ohhh snap
Scott (7:12:47 PM): is anybody shocked?
Curt (7:12:57 PM): take that MSNBC!
Kyle (7:12:58 PM): haha
Curt (7:12:59 PM): was a pretty safe bet
Curt (7:13:03 PM): “Mac is Back”
Curt (7:13:05 PM): soooo bad
Kyle (7:13:05 PM): first in the nation, Civic Alert!
Curt (7:13:30 PM): someone put up a post
Curt (7:13:43 PM): Civic Alert calls it: John McCain is will win
Curt (7:13:48 PM): we should have done it like..2 minutes before they did
Kyle (7:13:54 PM): i know, our bad
Kyle (7:13:59 PM): we called hunter and thompson though
Curt (7:14:22 PM): true true
Kyle (7:14:38 PM): What do you guys make of the much higher turnout among democrats?
Kyle (7:14:49 PM): is it just because of the independents?
Kyle (7:14:59 PM): or is there more excitement for the candidates?
Scott (7:15:24 PM): I think I’ll put up a post: Curt says “John McCain is will win”
Curt (7:15:32 PM): please
Kyle (7:15:45 PM): haha
Curt (7:15:52 PM): we had technical difficulties…curt really called it like an hour ago
Kyle (7:16:50 PM): true
Kyle (7:16:50 PM): shucks

Kyle (7:17:12 PM): how devestated is the Romney campaign after this?
Curt (7:17:12 PM): real devastated
Curt (7:17:12 PM): idk..i dont think they expected to win here
Curt (7:17:25 PM): 2nd place isnt bad
Kyle (7:18:10 PM): but with the money he has spent, and now two second place finishes? and he’s polling third in SC
Kyle (7:18:14 PM): it could be tough to come back from
Scott (7:18:24 PM): he wants to win Michigan
Amy (7:19:07 PM): clinton up to 40%
Kyle (7:19:07 PM): wow
Kyle (7:19:17 PM): In michigan, Romney’s lead is only within the margain of error
Scott (7:19:26 PM): Hillary is keeping a steady 1,000 vote lead
Kyle (7:20:28 PM): Clinton’s up about 2,000 according to CNN
Curt (7:20:55 PM): This is surprising..I wonder why she is doing so well?
Kyle (7:21:13 PM): I know, i haven’t heard any analysis
Scott (7:21:18 PM): it could be telling depending on which votes have been reported in
Scott (7:21:23 PM): I mean, geographically speaking
Scott (7:21:37 PM): Obama did the best in the highest populous areas of Iowa
Scott (7:21:51 PM): if the big cities haven’t reported in yet, we could see a huge surge for Obama
Kyle (7:22:10 PM): true
Curt (7:22:10 PM): Yep, and Hillary did really well in certain areas
Kyle (7:22:11 PM): i like how biden has recieved 74 votes after he has already dropped out of the race
Curt (7:22:21 PM): I don’t know how well John McCain will do in other states
Kyle (7:22:25 PM): and dodd has 35 votes
Curt (7:22:32 PM): Real Republicans don’t really like him
Curt (7:22:52 PM): I mean..he totally went the other way with immigration
Kyle (7:23:06 PM): I think he’s really banking on coming back in South Carolina, and putting up a decent showing on the 5th because of today
Kyle (7:23:16 PM): and he needs Giuliani to drop off the bandwagon

Curt (7:23:33 PM): I would like to see how he does when you take out independents
Curt (7:23:46 PM): what would the vote be with solely republicans
Scott (7:24:00 PM): we have some commenters on the site,
Scott (7:24:03 PM): say hi everyone
Curt (7:24:11 PM): hi!
Kyle (7:24:14 PM): hello!!
Curt (7:26:00 PM): they just said Ron Paul could overtake Giuliani kyle!
Kyle (7:26:28 PM): I know i know!!!
Kyle (7:26:31 PM): i am a genius!
Kyle (7:26:57 PM): however, i think Huckabee will hold onto third, Paul may take fouth though
Kyle (7:27:51 PM): clinton is holding onto that 40%

Kyle (7:31:58 PM): One of our commenters thinks Wyoming was crucial for Romney, anyone agree?
Scott (7:32:32 PM): eh
Scott (7:32:50 PM): it wasn’t that many delegates because Wyoming got penalized for voting so early
Kyle (7:32:52 PM): CNN says one of the main reasons McCain won in NH was not issues, but instead because of his personal qualities
Scott (7:32:54 PM): it didn’t make much news
Kyle (7:33:00 PM): it made just about zero news
Kyle (7:33:08 PM): I could have won wyoming
Scott (7:35:17 PM): I voted for you
Scott (7:35:38 PM): CNN just said that the most populous part of NH is in the southeast
Scott (7:35:45 PM): which is largely unreported right now
Kyle (7:36:45 PM): 4 in 10 of GOP voters were independents
Scott (7:37:11 PM): ouch
Scott (7:37:14 PM): sucks for Obama
Curt (7:37:18 PM): yeah
Kyle (7:37:43 PM): still waiting for that obama surge..
Scott (7:38:14 PM): yeah
Scott (7:38:21 PM): any time now would be great
Kyle (7:38:34 PM): he’s still behind about 1800 votes now
Scott (7:38:58 PM): Richardson is back to 4%, Kyle
Kyle (7:39:05 PM): ahhhh yeah
Scott (7:39:28 PM): Paul is breathing down Giuliani’s neck too
Kyle (7:39:33 PM): Mike Gravel is beating Chris Dodd, is THAT the biggest surprise of this campaign
Kyle (7:39:43 PM): about 250 votes back is Paul from Giuliani
Scott (7:40:07 PM): Nah, if Dodd was still beating Gravel, that would be surprising
Scott (7:40:12 PM): considering Dodd isn’t in the race anymore
Kyle (7:40:53 PM): well biden is beating Gravel
Scott (7:41:11 PM): haha, really?
Scott (7:41:22 PM): now that’s funny
Kyle (7:41:30 PM): does everyone think that Edwards will pick up votes later in the night? because scott and i both had him picking up more than 20%?
Scott (7:41:51 PM): I don’t know, it’s possible but nobody predicted Hillary would be doing this well
Scott (7:41:57 PM): I’m going to go poop
Scott (7:41:58 PM): h/o
Kyle (7:42:38 PM): that’s true, i wonder where this Clinton success is coming from?
Curt (7:42:47 PM): being a big cry baby
Kyle (7:42:53 PM): she did poorly in Iowa and she did poorly in the debates coming up to NH
Kyle (7:43:00 PM): I hope thats not what’s winning her votes
Curt (7:43:32 PM): Yeah..that is kind of the opposite of what you would expect…
Amy (7:43:33 PM) has entered the room.
Curt (7:43:40 PM): welcome back
Amy (7:43:43 PM): yessss my internet stopped being a bitch!
Curt (7:43:49 PM): we are wondering why clinton is doing well
Amy (7:44:07 PM): because she’s touchy feely now
Curt (7:44:33 PM): thats what i said
Curt (7:44:44 PM): her tears melted her cold heart
Curt (7:45:30 PM): On MSNBC they are talking about a Clinton/Obama ticket
Curt (7:45:38 PM): and if that is realistic
Amy (7:45:55 PM): i can’t handle thinking of him in second place…
Amy (7:46:21 PM): answering to hillary? i don’t think so.
Amy (7:46:34 PM): do you think he’d even want to be vice president?
Curt (7:47:06 PM): i dont know how he would feel about it
Curt (7:47:14 PM): i would imagine its something he doesnt like to think about :]
Scott (7:47:28 PM): ahh
Scott (7:47:28 PM): back
Scott (7:47:30 PM): what did I miss?
Curt (7:47:38 PM): They called it for hillary
Curt (7:47:47 PM): NAAAHHT
Kyle (7:48:05 PM): I think Obama would like to be Vice
Kyle (7:48:17 PM): he’ll be able to run again in 8 years and i dont think he’ll have a problem with that
Amy (7:48:26 PM) has left the room.
Curt (7:48:27 PM): Yeah…well if Hillary didn’t get voted out
Scott (7:48:28 PM): I don’t want him to be vice
Curt (7:48:33 PM): me neither
Kyle (7:48:35 PM): me neither
Kyle (7:48:42 PM): i’d rather have an obama edwards ticket
Curt (7:48:43 PM): Vice President doesn’t really hold that much weight
Kyle (7:48:58 PM): in the bush administration the VP held all the weight
Curt (7:49:05 PM): ohhhh snap
Curt (7:49:08 PM): and the medical problems
Scott (7:49:34 PM): ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Scott (7:49:40 PM): four heart attacks!

Kyle (7:50:41 PM): Clinton is up 6% according to CNN
Scott (7:50:53 PM): fuuuuck
Scott (7:51:01 PM): I (obviously) didn’t predict this…
Kyle (7:52:08 PM): me neither, but Paul is about 150 votes back from Rudy
Scott (7:52:11 PM): Obama’s behind by 4,000 votes now
Scott (7:52:18 PM): it’s slipping
Scott (7:52:25 PM): it’s still early, mind you
Scott (7:52:28 PM): but still…
Kyle (7:52:32 PM): but Kucinich is up to 3%
Kyle (7:52:36 PM): he’s coming back!!
Curt (7:52:44 PM): Horray for the little gremlin
Kyle (7:53:03 PM): yipeeeee!!
Kyle (7:53:10 PM): i can just hear him yelling yipee
Kyle (7:53:15 PM): and then kissing his hottie wife
Curt (7:53:17 PM): he is probably the creepiest politician i have ever seen
Kyle (7:53:28 PM): i like him on the issues though..
Curt (7:53:31 PM): agreed
Kyle (7:53:33 PM): other than his UFO sighting
Curt (7:53:38 PM): but he isnt electable
Kyle (7:54:06 PM): oh no, of course not
Scott (7:54:14 PM): I saw a UFO once
Scott (7:54:25 PM): I wouldn’t say it if I was running for office though…
Curt (7:54:34 PM): Did you really?
Scott (7:55:07 PM): yeah man
Curt (7:55:12 PM): No one from Massachusetts has ever lost New Hampshire
Scott (7:55:15 PM): over Lake Michigan
Curt (7:55:19 PM): when was this?
Scott (7:55:26 PM): about a year ago
Scott (7:55:30 PM): it was crazy
Curt (7:55:34 PM): what did it look like?
Scott (7:55:51 PM): just a huge light that was moving too erradictly for anything else
Curt (7:56:23 PM): I’m jealous
Curt (7:57:33 PM): Clinton up 5%
Amy (7:57:55 PM): now it’s 39% to 36%
Amy (7:58:04 PM): clinton over obama
Amy (7:58:29 PM): everyone seems to be surprised by her lead
Kyle (7:58:34 PM): maybe the comeback has begun
Amy (7:58:39 PM): cross your fingers
Kyle (7:58:40 PM): yeah, i’m getting that impression too
Curt (7:58:45 PM): The largest county in NH has yet to report in
Kyle (7:58:46 PM): everyone is surprised
Curt (7:58:57 PM): Obama did better in the largest counties in Iowa
Scott (7:59:35 PM): that’s what I said earlier
Scott (7:59:39 PM): where are the young voters?
Scott (7:59:42 PM): in cities
Scott (7:59:46 PM): where are the most voters?
Scott (7:59:47 PM): in cities

Curt (8:00:26 PM): Mike Huckabee is talking
Amy (8:00:36 PM): as perky as always
Scott (8:00:37 PM): ha, he’s nice and funny!
Curt (8:00:46 PM): “People who don’t have a God, hate me”
Scott (8:00:48 PM): and hates gays
Scott (8:00:49 PM): I know
Kyle (8:01:04 PM): if he never talked about his opinions i would love mike huckabee
Scott (8:01:22 PM): ha
Scott (8:01:23 PM): I agree
Amy (8:01:24 PM): haha he’s so lovable by all appearances
Scott (8:01:26 PM): I absolutely agree
Curt (8:01:56 PM): he is hilarious
Curt (8:02:11 PM): the funniest candidate by far
Kyle (8:02:36 PM): clinton is back up 40-36
Kyle (8:02:44 PM): with 27% reporting
Scott (8:02:57 PM): lame
Amy (8:03:18 PM): those 2 keep fluctuating by one or two points…frustrating
Kyle (8:04:21 PM): the clinton campaign must be shitting right now
Kyle (8:04:29 PM): there’s no way they could have expected this
Curt (8:05:08 PM): has anyone else seen this quote
Curt (8:05:16 PM): And the ultimate thing is, I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
Curt (8:05:23 PM): that’s from Mike Huckabee
Scott (8:05:27 PM): ha
Kyle (8:05:30 PM): haha
Kyle (8:05:34 PM): he always has good jokes
Scott (8:05:43 PM): definitely not the guy I’d want in the White House
Scott (8:05:47 PM): but I do like him
Amy (8:06:17 PM): back to 39-36 for clinton and obama
Kyle (8:07:06 PM): i think huckabee will get destroyed in a general election though
Kyle (8:07:14 PM): he has made so many foreign policy slip ups
Curt (8:07:15 PM): *would get
Curt (8:07:20 PM): i don’t think he will get it
Kyle (8:07:22 PM): would get yes
Kyle (8:09:11 PM): my paul 16% prediction is looking like a bust
Kyle (8:09:14 PM): whoops
Scott (8:09:23 PM): Eh, that’s taking a risk for you…
Scott (8:09:30 PM): my Giuliani prediction is a bust too…
Scott (8:09:55 PM): so, regardless of whether she gets first or a close second, Hillary is going to be selling tonight as a victory for her
Scott (8:10:06 PM): how do you think this will affect Nevada and South Carolina?
Kyle (8:10:09 PM): definately
Kyle (8:10:55 PM): In nevada the last poll has clinton up 20pts
Kyle (8:11:22 PM): but SC is much closer and with Obama showing his viability, he could capture more African American votes that initially went to Clinton
Kyle (8:11:4 PM): i think clinton will win Nevada but Obama will win South Carolina, but we’ve already seen my predicting skills..
Scott (8:11:49 PM): yeah, but if Obama loses two in a row, that shoots some holes through his viability in SC’s eyes
Kyle (8:12:00 PM): true

Kyle (8:12:07 PM): McCain’s victory speech is coming on
Scott (8:12:19 PM): wow, McCain’s wife is a hottie for her age
Scott (8:12:30 PM): ha, he just made a comeback kid joke
Kyle (8:12:41 PM): “Mac is back”
Scott (8:12:44 PM): he said he’s too old to be called a kid anymore
Scott (8:12:50 PM): that’ll be the headline tomorrow
Scott (8:12:51 PM): for sure
Kyle (8:12:54 PM): for sure
Kyle (8:13:30 PM): he still looks like a crypt keeper to me
Amy (8:13:46 PM): he’s in rough shape, but it’s good to finally see him smile
Kyle (8:13:47 PM): i hope he doesnt give the thumbs up, his old man hands scare me
Amy (8:13:53 PM): usually he’s a sad puppy dog
Kyle (8:14:24 PM): 35% reporting, Clinton still up 4%
Curt (8:14:52 PM): i have to actually go do work at work
Curt (8:14:54 PM): ill be on later
Scott (8:15:07 PM): ha
Scott (8:15:08 PM): alright
Scott (8:15:15 PM): hopefully things will look better when you get back
Scott (8:15:45 PM): Asspod just commented on the blog that since they’re playing Rocky music at McCain’s speech, he should put his hands over his head like Rocky
Scott (8:16:05 PM): knowing full well that after five years of torture in Vietnam, McCain can no longer hold his arms fully over his head
Amy (8:16:15 PM): haha he says “warshington”
Kyle (8:16:20 PM): haha
Kyle (8:18:19 PM): back to 39-36 clinton
Kyle (8:18:28 PM): obama is never gaining, clinton only slips one
Scott (8:19:03 PM): yeah, but unfortunately, the percentage of counties reporting in continues to climb
Scott (8:19:20 PM): things need to start changing if he’s going to take the lead
Kyle (8:19:46 PM): if he’s not to 38 or so by the time 50% is reporting, he may be done
Amy (8:20:29 PM): i wonder what percentage gap they’ll need to go ahead and predict hillary’s win
Scott (8:20:38 PM): they may have to wait until the very end
Kyle (8:21:21 PM): possibly
Kyle (8:21:44 PM): “we will never surrender, they will”
Kyle (8:21:50 PM): says mccain of the terrorists
Amy (8:22:33 PM): and the crowd goes wild
Scott (8:23:09 PM): well, I guess we really will be in Iraq for another hundred years if McCain gets elected
Kyle (8:23:28 PM): i like mccain’s message of serving the public instead of ones self, i just wish we agreed on how to get that done
Scott (8:24:35 PM): Man, McCain won’t shut up
Scott (8:24:41 PM): this speech has been going on forever
Kyle (8:24:53 PM): i know right?
Kyle (8:25:03 PM): Hillary is up 2600 votes
Amy (8:25:16 PM): better than 4,000…:/
Kyle (8:25:55 PM): CNN has the % at 39-37
Kyle (8:26:02 PM): with 41% reporting
Scott (8:26:42 PM): I wonder who the oldest president ever elected was…
Kyle (8:26:42 PM): her lead is down to 2300
Kyle (8:26:46 PM): reagan
Scott (8:26:50 PM): what age?
Scott (8:27:05 PM): McCain is 71
Kyle (8:27:08 PM): i believe
Kyle (8:27:11 PM): hold on i’ll check wikipedia
Amy (8:27:39 PM): yeah it was reagan
Amy (8:27:54 PM): i think he was close to 70 when he was elected
Kyle (8:27:58 PM): he was 73 when reelected
Kyle (8:28:03 PM): so 69 when first elected
Scott (8:28:15 PM): so, McCain would take the record for first time election
Scott (8:28:39 PM): CNN just said that the college towns haven’t reported in yet
Kyle (8:28:47 PM): yep, William Henry Harrison was 68 when elected
Amy (8:29:02 PM): some of those coming in a bit later could give obama the push
Kyle (8:29:11 PM): and he died a month into his term
Amy (8:29:25 PM): aww after all that

Kyle (8:29:26 PM): yes they could, but he definately will not do as well as polls predicted
Kyle (8:29:48 PM): so i think no matter if obama comes in first by a point or two, this is a victory for Clinton
Scott (8:30:07 PM): right
Scott (8:30:16 PM): but obviously a win is still a win, which would help Obama in SC
Scott (8:30:21 PM): if he could say he won 2/3
Scott (8:30:39 PM): assuming he loses Nevada
Kyle (8:30:45 PM): yep yep i agree
Kyle (8:30:56 PM): this could have been his crushing blow though, and he didnt get it
Kyle (8:31:08 PM): also, Paul seems to be slipping farther into fourth
Kyle (8:31:14 PM): hes about 550 votes back
Kyle (8:31:47 PM): obama’s back to 36%
Kyle (8:31:53 PM): up 2800 votes
Amy (8:32:09 PM): i’m getting anxious about hanover…they need to get those votes tallied ASAP
Kyle (8:33:16 PM): people who made up their minds within the last 3 days about who to vote for split the votes between obama and clinton
Kyle (833:20 PM): 38-38
Kyle (8:33:31 PM): that could be why she’s doing so well
Kyle (8:33:44 PM): and she has a 13 pt lead among women
Kyle (8:33:49 PM): something that really pushed obama in iowa
Amy (8:34:17 PM): exactly. that was so key for him to nab those votes away from her in iowa.
Kyle (8:34:49 PM): Hillary also has a 11pt lead of voters about 40, and these voters make up most of the voting electorate in caucuss and primaries
Kyle (8:38:17 PM): Clinton has widened her lead to more than 4300
Kyle (8:38:23 PM): but college towns still have not reported
Scott (8:38:26 PM): yeah, I was just going to say that
Scott (8:38:29 PM): still
Kyle (8:38:29 PM): probably to busy smoking dope
Amy (8:38:29 PM): big jump
Scott (8:38:32 PM): 4,000
Scott (8:38:56 PM): I’m wondering if the younger voters didn’t turn out as strongly because they didn’t think they needed to
Kyle (8:38:56 PM): i just dont think the college towns will give him enough votes for a decisive victory
Scott (8:39:02 PM): like we’ve all said, we’re surprised by this
Kyle (8:39:09 PM): and anything but a decisive victory is a victory for Clinton
Scott (8:39:09 PM): all the polls indicated Obama easily taking NH
Kyle (8:39:11 PM): absolutely
Kyle (8:39:18 PM): by double digits!
Scott (8:39:40 PM): well, first place is still first place. Does 2nd place get any of the delegates?
Kyle (8:39:45 PM): and she’s back up to 40%
Kyle (8:39:58 PM): yes
Kyle (8:40:14 PM): at least cnn says that mccain has four and romney has one
Kyle (8:40:20 PM): but delegates are not the big story here
Kyle (8:40:27 PM): its too small of a state to matter
Kyle (8:40:31 PM): its the momentum that counts
Kyle (8:41:08 PM): everyone on MSNBC is making fun of how long McCain’s speech was
Scott (8:42:03 PM): I would too
Scott (8:42:06 PM): God
Scott (8:42:12 PM): seriously
Kyle (8:42:15 PM): they’re also saying hillary’s emotion may have helped her among women
Amy (8:42:21 PM): oh c’mon
Kyle (8:42:26 PM): so those tears could have really won her NH
Scott (8:42:55 PM): God, this is why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote
Kyle (8:43:14 PM): i know, ann coulter sounds more rational everyday
Amy (8:43:16 PM): more like why women shouldn’t be allowed to run
Amy (8:43:22 PM): ;]
Scott (8:43:25 PM): Iron my shirt!
Amy (8:43:29 PM): except for me
Scott (8:43:43 PM): Iron my shirt!
Scott (8:44:03 PM): Men voted for Obama 42% vs. for Clinton 30%
Scott (8:44:09 PM): my point proven?
Scott (8:44:58 PM): uh oh
Scott (8:45:06 PM): CNN just said only 18% of the voters were under 30
Scott (8:45:08 PM): bad news for Obama
Kyle (8:45:23 PM): terrible news
Kyle (8:45:59 PM): ron paul is now speaking on cnn
Amy (8:46:36 PM): good for him, take down giuliani
Scott (8:46:39 PM): I wonder how he’ll do when he obviously goes independent
Kyle (8:46:58 PM): maybe, i’m out though you two! finish up strong!
Kyle (8:47:01 PM) has left the room.
Amy (8:47:01 PM): not good enough, but he’s already made an impact in the campaign
Scott (9:00:32 PM): we’re going to take a short break until there’s something new to report
Curt (9:17:27 PM) has entered the room.
Scott (9:18:33 PM): hey man
Scott (9:18:38 PM): it’s still not looking good for Obama
Scott (9:18:44 PM): the numbers have all stayed the same
Scott (9:18:52 PM): Clinton is up by almost 5,000 votes
Amy (9:20:19 PM): edwards is still holding out hope, saying right now that there are more than 99% of Americans that haven’t voted yet
Curt (9:20:21 PM): Yeah I’ve been listening to the radio
Curt (9:20:27 PM): Nataline
Amy (9:20:33 PM): again
Amy (9:20:35 PM): and again
(9:21:48 PM): Edwards: “Tonight, I am giving all my votes to Barack”
(9:22:36 PM): Richardson, Edwards, and Kucinich are all taking votes away from Obama
Curt (9:22:48 PM): 24% total
Scott (9:22:49 PM): well
Scott (9:22:52 PM): maybe not Richardson
Scott (9:22:55 PM): but the other ones, totally
Scott (9:23:06 PM):I feel like Richardson’s votes would go to Hillary
Scott (9:23:35 PM): t’s a shame the other experience candidates like Biden and Dodd got the point and dropped out
Scott (9:23:40 PM): that helped Hillary
Scott (9:25:33 PM): ugh
Scott (9:25:35 PM): I like the man
(9:25:37 PM): don’t get me wrong
Scott (9:25:39 PM): I like him a lot
Curt (9:25:41 PM): but it’s over?
Scott (9:25:45 PM): right
Scott (9:25:49 PM): and he’s only hurting Obama
Curt (9:25:53 PM): agreed
Scott (9:30:07 PM): Either way, Obama better have a good speech tonight
Scott (9:30:27 PM): I would bet all my money that Hillary’s speech will attempt to emulate Obama’s Iowa speech VERY closely
Curt (9:34:51 PM): well..delegate-wise she did
Scott (9:35:17 PM): yeah, but everyone still says she got third
Curt (9:36:20 PM): I saw that
Curt (9:36:32 PM): She i almost up to a 6,000 point lead
Curt (9:37:02 PM): Justin Hauschild is predicting that CNN mixed up the shades of blue on their map and that Obama is really winning
Scott (9:37:23 PM): totally
(9:37:41 PM): i mean, how can you really distinguish between blue, slightly lighter blue, and just a little bit lighter blue?
Curt (9:39:19 PM): Jabba the Hutt now reporting for CNN
Scott (9:39:22 PM): haha
Scott (9:39:25 PM): her nostrils scare me

Curt (9:39:51 PM): I love how Clinton is now deciding to talk about change
Scott (9:40:22 PM): yeah, it’s very disappointing that more people don’t see that bullshit
Curt (9:40:26 PM): “Clinton for Change” signs
Curt (9:40:33 PM): Edwards seriously needs to give it up
Curt (9:40:41 PM): he is hurting America
Scott (9:41:20 PM): Hillary is pulling away now
Scott (9:41:22 PM): 6,000 votes
Amy (9:41:25 PM): way to come up with new ideas, hillary…
Curt (9:42:42 PM): The two college towns they’re talking about…
Curt (9:42:46 PM): 22,000 people total
Curt (9:42:58 PM): now say..half vote republican
Curt (9:43:01 PM): that’s 11,000
Curt (9:43:13 PM): and obviously not all of them go to caucuses
Curt (9:43:20 PM): and 1/3 of them will vote for Obama
Curt (9:43:22 PM): so yeah…
Amy (9:43:23 PM): not enough
Scott (9:43:25 PM): right
Scott (9:43:31 PM): Hillary is now up by 7,000
Curt (9:43:32 PM): college towns dont mean anything right now
Amy (9:43:46 PM): disappointing…they were really building those up too
Curt (9:44:18 PM): and i meant primaries
Curt (9:44:20 PM): not caucuses
Curt (9:44:33 PM): at most…Obama will gain another 2,500 from those towns
Curt (9:45:01 PM): but, that doesnt even mean he will gain 2,500 on Hillary
Curt (9:45:24 PM): so basically…he would get about 500 more votes
Curt (9:45:36 PM): or..gain on her by 500
Curt (9:46:28 PM): lead down to around 5.800
Scott (9:46:31 PM): it’s impossible to call until they happen, but yeah, it’s over
Curt (9:46:35 PM): Clinton predicted by CNN
Curt (9:46:38 PM): beat you!
Curt (9:46:39 PM): haha
Amy (9:46:40 PM): ha
Curt (9:46:41 PM): eat it AMy
Amy (9:46:46 PM): shut up. :/
Curt (9:46:57 PM): one of the Clinton fans is holding a sign upside down
Curt (9:46:59 PM): good one!
Amy (9:47:05 PM): shows how smart they are!

Amy (9:47:59 PM): obama is now speaking…make it good
Curt (9:48:12 PM): very polite
Curt (9:48:18 PM): such a nice, polite young man
Curt (9:50:32 PM): Obama should probably start crying
Curt (9:50:55 PM): If he wants to win South Carolina
Scott (9:51:40 PM): It’s a shame they can’t go to South Carolina right now
Scott (9:51:44 PM): Nevada is going to be killer now
Amy (9:52:00 PM): bad for momentum…
Scott (9:55:12 PM): Obama’s speech is basically exactly what he said in Iowa
Curt (9:57:01 PM): Well, clearly not enough people paid attention the first time
Curt (9:57:11 PM): so hopefully those in Nevada pay attention
Curt (9:57:22 PM): Nevada has to be close for Obama
Curt (9:57:26 PM): under 5%
Amy (9:58:06 PM): he makes me feel so included with all of his “we’s”
Scott (9:58:32 PM): well, we clearly saw tonight what you’ve been saying for weeks: polls don’t matter
Curt (9:58:58 PM): They don’t. They swing 20 points every week
Curt (10:00:54 PM): I was hoping Obama’s three words that would ring from coast to coast would be “OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!”
Scott (10:01:03 PM): ha
Scott (10:01:10 PM): FUCK THE POLICE
Curt (10:01:13 PM): hopefully everyone just turned off their tv
Curt (10:01:37 PM): I AM HUNGRY!
Scott (10:02:39 PM): haha
Scott (10:04:00 PM): well, no tears

Scott (10:05:17 PM): oh god
Scott (10:05:33 PM): I hate seeing Hillary smile
Scott (10:05:39 PM): I don’t know why…
Scott (10:05:42 PM): it just makes me angry
Curt (10:05:50 PM): Whoa..did you see her eyes a second ago
Curt (10:05:55 PM): wow..she has so many bad faces
Scott (10:05:58 PM): oh yeah
Curt (10:06:12 PM): she is so…”politician”
Scott (10:07:31 PM): wow
Scott (10:07:37 PM): she already took a huge page out of Obama’s book
Scott (10:07:45 PM): her stage set-up is EXACTLY like Obama’s last week
Scott (10:07:55 PM): she filled her background with tons of people of all ages
Curt (10:08:05 PM): Obama now only down 2%
Curt (10:08:05 PM): haha
Scott (10:08:06 PM): stealing another page out fo the Obama handbook: confirmed
Scott (10:11:25 PM): ha, again the people in the background are totally not listening to her
Scott (10:11:34 PM): watch them look around until somebody starts clapping
Scott (10:13:53 PM): did..
Scott (10:13:58 PM): did she just plug her website in her speech?
Scott (10:14:08 PM): that’s a new one
Curt (10:14:10 PM): CHECK OUT MY BLOG!
Scott (10:14:49 PM): and watch the video of me crying on www dot you tube dot com backslash cry baby clinton
Curt (10:14:58 PM):
Scott (10:15:29 PM): officially more entertaining than Hillary’s speech
Scott (10:15:29 PM): officially more entertaining than Hillary’s speech
Curt (10:15:44 PM): yes…its a really good video
Curt (10:17:11 PM): its only like 5,000 votes now
Scott (10:17:27 PM): well, one of the college towns reported in
Scott (10:17:39 PM): Obama had 58% to Hillary’s 26%
Scott (10:18:03 PM): Oh my god, that ending was very wicked witch of the west
Scott (10:18:13 PM): she should really be careful about raising her arms and cackling like that
Curt (10:18:44 PM): doesnt it look like the emporer putting his hands out for applause when he creats the grand army of the republic?
Scott (10:19:47 PM): or the emperor from Star Wars shooting bolts of lightning
Scott (10:20:05 PM): the guy on CNN just said that Edwards is the best thing Clinton has going for her
Scott (10:20:06 PM): so true
Curt (10:20:08 PM): what other emperor did you think i was talking about?
Scott (10:20:15 PM): ha
Curt (10:20:30 PM): you know when the senate bursts into applause?
Curt (10:20:38 PM): and he throws his arms out
Curt (10:20:46 PM): Edwards needs to give it up
Curt (10:20:51 PM): wtf does he think will happen?
Scott (10:20:55 PM): he wants to be Vice President
(10:21:05 PM): hopefully he will when he cant even win his neighbor SC
Scott (10:21:37 PM): it might be too late by then if Hillary wins Nevada and SC
Curt (10:21:54 PM): I don’t think Obama will be done before super tuesday
Scott (10:23:21 PM): I can’t believe she won NH
Scott (10:23:24 PM): she made so many mistakes
Scott (10:23:42 PM): just goes to show that the Clinton brandname still means a lot to NH
Scott (10:23:46 PM): which is a shame
Curt (10:23:57 PM): We certainly can’t doubt Obama now
Curt (10:24:08 PM): People were saying yesterday she was done
Scott (10:24:45 PM): you mean we can’t doubt Clinton?
Curt (10:25:13 PM): were just saying that he could be done by Super Tuesday
Scott (10:25:25 PM): well, honestly, he could be
Curt (10:25:29 PM): I worded that a little awkwardly
Curt (10:25:38 PM): and honestly, before tonight I thought Hillary could be
Scott (10:25:46 PM): so did I
Scott (10:26:03 PM): but Hillary could very easily take this momenteum, along with the lessons she learned in NH, and smash Obama in Nevada
Scott (10:26:09 PM): if that happens, she could take SC
(10:26:23 PM): if Obama loses big in both of those states…
Scott (10:26:44 PM): well, 1-4 isn’t a good way to head into Super Tuesday, especially when Hillary is still leading nationally
Curt (10:26:48 PM): I know..but Obama was supposed to take all the momentum from Iowa and crush Hillary from here on out
Curt (10:26:54 PM): and again..polls mean nothing
Scott (10:27:12 PM): I’m just saying, this just shifted into an uphill battle for Obama again tonight
Curt (10:27:25 PM): True
Scott (10:27:30 PM): this is the worst possible thing that could have happened short of Obama taking 3rd
Curt (10:27:31 PM): But you’re like writing him off
Scott (10:27:36 PM): not at all
Scott (10:27:37 PM): just
Scott (10:27:40 PM): it’s going to be hard
Scott (10:27:41 PM): real hard
Curt (10:27:57 PM): Well yeah. And it was real hard for hillary to come back
Curt (10:27:59 PM): and she did it
Curt (10:28:11 PM): It was real hard for people to think Obama was a valid candidate
Curt (10:28:14 PM): and then he won in Iowa
Scott (10:29:06 PM): haha
Scott (10:29:11 PM): did you just hear the guy on CNN?
Curt (10:29:13 PM): McCain only won by 5%
Scott (10:29:16 PM): he made a Star Wars joke
Curt (10:29:19 PM): what was it?
Curt (10:29:26 PM): I wasn’t paying attention
Scott (10:29:31 PM): he said he calls tonight “the empire strikes back”
Scott (10:29:33 PM): the second chapter
Curt (10:30:09 PM): Now think how many independents voted for McCain
Curt (10:30:23 PM): that means that among actual Republicans…Romney may have won
Scott (10:30:37 PM): yeah
Curt (10:33:19 PM): Justin and I just decided that Europe will bomb us if we elect a Republican president
Curt (10:33:38 PM): I mean seriously..if the Democrats don’t win this time…they will never win another presidency
Scott (10:33:39 PM): well, then we better not give the nomination to Hillary
Scott (10:34:01 PM): because I can guarantee you that McCain and Huckabee could both beat Hillary
Curt (10:34:07 PM): definitely

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31 Responses

  1. Romney Wins!!!!

  2. McCain was just declared the winner. Seems a bit early though. I think McCain will get the Republican nomination eventually.

    I can not believe that Hilary is winning right now! It is very early so things could very well change. Looking at Obama’s nine point lead in the last poll I expected a blowout.

  3. Mac is wack!!!

  4. That would be a great slogan for him to connect with the younger voters!!

  5. I would like to see how well McCain does when you take the independent vote out of it.

  6. NH did not matter for Romney because he won Wyoming

  7. Why Are Comments being deleted?

  8. One was deleted bc they used Scott’s name and we didn’t know what was going on…all has been figured out now

  9. Wyoming didn’t mean jack

  10. They aren’t, sometimes they just take some time to come through. Except from the one you posted that said “CENSORSHIP!!!” That one, I did delete. Just chill out, some comments get stuck in the queue.

  11. Yeah, we have to approve every comment that is by someone that hasn’t commented before

  12. Thanks.
    I think a Rudy G. versus Hilary would be the best for America, because they are the least like a politician and more like real people.

  13. How is Hillary the least like a politician?

  14. She is not at all fake and she is the most resolute in her positions and the least like an addle pated popinjay.

  15. Does this have something to do with her crying? Because last time I checked she won’t even tell people what is on her iPod without polling to see what people want her to say first.

  16. This just in…Asspoo is being sarcastic. My bizzle.

  17. Hilary is not fake? Everything she does is calculated. Here breakdown was calculated. I have no doubt about it.

  18. I should say her breakdown was claculated not “here”.

  19. Well, Hilary does not care at all at what other people think and she follows her heart

  20. Yeah, like I said in the liveblog, if her crying was fake, it was a risky move. Does she risk looking weak and desperate in an attempt to seem more human? Risky call. I’d say it’s more likely that she just teared up a little. I’d imagine she hasn’t been sleeping too much over the past few days.

  21. It may have been real but I think her advisors are telling her to show her soft, caring side and so she did. I think it may have helped her actually to get sympathy votes.

    Remember, she is a Clinton. If she is like her husband, she is an excellent politician and very good and getting people to believe what she wants them to believe.

  22. Is it me or are Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney the same person?

  23. It is definitely not you, they are pretty much the same.

  24. Well there playing Rocky music for McCain. Why does he put his arms in the air like Rocky?

  25. Ha, you know as well as I do that after five years of torture in Vietnam, McCain is no longer able to fully raise his arms over his head.

  26. If Edwards was not in this primary, would Obama be winning? A vote for Edwards is a vote for Hilary.

  27. Most likely.

  28. Yeah!!!! Hilary Wins!!!!

  29. CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. HILDOG WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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