Obama Picks up Key Nevada Endorsements

The Nevada chapter of the Service Employees International Union and the Culinary Workers Union, despite Hillary Clinton’s amazing comeback win in New Hampshire, have decided to endorse Barack Obama. Nevada has the largest membership in the country among the SEIU at 17,500 while the CWU boasts 60,000 members. Union politics are important in Nevada and should give Obama a boost. He needs it, some of the latest polls have shown Clinton up 20 points. But we’ve seen how accurate polls can be.

The Executive Vice President of the SEIU put out a statement:

“It is clear from the overwhelming participation in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary that Americans are ready for change. We believe that Obama is the candidate who can bring the country together and we are proud to support his candidacy.”

This comes as a blow to John Edwards who has played up his labor credentials during this campaign. The Democratic caucuses in Nevada occur on January 19.


One Response

  1. There’s an obvious question mark in gaining the endorsement of Las Vegas casino workers. Furthermore, Nevada is a much older state than the rest of the country. Lotta old folks won’t go for all that meandering rhetoric of hope except when they visit the casinos to piss away their social security.

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