A Vote for Nobody: Obama and Edwards Urge Voters to Vote ‘Uncommitted’ in Michigan

While the Jan. 15th Republican primary in Michigan has been getting most of the attention in the news, there will actually be a Democratic primary on the same day. However, because Michigan violated the Democratic National Committee’s rules by moving their primary so early, both Barack Obama and John Edwards refused to participate. Hillary Clinton, pictured abov- AHH!, is apparently not as committed to the DNC, as she is the only major candidate on the ballot for the state. While she has vowed not to campaign in the state, when she’s the only major candidate on the ballot, she wouldn’t have needed to anyway. In an attempt to take way some of the basically guaranteed delegates to Hillary from the state, Obama and Edwards suppporters are urging voters to vote “uncommitted.” If at least 15% of votes in any district or statewide are for “uncommitted,” the corresponding percentage of delegates may back any candidate. Additionally, placing close to, or even behind, “uncommitted” would be a very embarrassing blow to the Clinton campaign. Obviously this is a dirty move for Hillary to pull and I hope that come next Tuesday, people will go to the polls and vote for nobody.

A Ploy for ‘Uncommitted’ in Michigan – [New York Times]


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