Giuliani Short on Money?

Rudy Giuliani, seen here spotting a Muslim, has asked certain members of his staff to go without pay for the month of January, and possibly longer. Why would a candidate who, according to, has more than $12.7 million dollars on hand be forced to do this?

The once front runner for the Republican nomination has recently dropped to third in the latest CNN national poll, behind the surging John McCain and the Jesus crazy Mike Huckabee. He is now pouring all of his resources into Florida, which is supposed to be his “firewall.” However, both Huckabee and Mitt Romney are threatening Giuliani in the most recent polls.

His drop in the polls, both state and nationwide, are more due to his campaign strategy than anything else. As I stated in an earlier post, Giuliani planned to skip the early contests to focus on the February 5th states and Florida. His poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire have led to less news coverage and in turn voters have forgotten about him or thrown their support behind different campaigns.

The sources from the campaign are mixed on whether Giuliani is “asking” or “telling” the staffers to forfeit their paychecks starting New Years Day. It seems that Florida is Giuliani’s do or die, just as Michigan is Romney’s.


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