NBC Wants Kucinich out of Debate

NBC is seeking an appeal that would lead to an immediate hearing in front of the Nevada Supreme Court to keep Dennis Kucinich, seen above with his super hot wife, from participating in today’s Democratic debate. Monday, a district judge said he would issue an injunction to stop the televised debate if Kucinich was not allowed to participate. He stated it would benefit the voters of Ohio to hear from more than the top three candidates.

Kucinich’s lawyer stated that at first the Congressman from Ohio was given an invitation, but later it was revoked. NBC decided after the Iowa and New Hampshire contests to allow only Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton to debate.

Although Kucinich does not have a “serious” chance of winning the Democratic nomination, he is serious in his views. He is one of the most passionate politicians in America. He was the only candidate who voted against the invasion of Iraq and has not voted for one more cent to be used for the occupation and bloodshed. He, unlike Clinton, Obama, or Edwards, supports gay marriage, and not a separate but “equal” institution of civil unions. He should get a chance to debate with the rest of the candidates, even if an executive at MSNBC does not consider him viable.

UPDATE***The candidates are now, as of 7:58pm, walking on the stage for the debate and Dennis Kucinich is not among them. The Supreme Court in Nevada has stated that MSNBC has the right to bar Kucinich from the debate. Full story here.


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  1. […] received only 1% of votes in New Hampshire and was shut out of recent NBC debates. He may not have had a strong chance in the race, but he sure made his name known beyond his home […]

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