Obama Garners African-American Support

While Hillary Clinton “won” Michigan, she was the only major candidate on the ballot because the DNC stripped Michigan of its delagates for moving its primaries up and Hillary…well she just isn’t very nice I guess, so she decided to leave her name on the ballot while all other major candidates took theirs off. However, the big story on the Democratic side in Michigan was the seemingly overwhelming support for Barack Obama amongst African-Americans. Around 70% of African-American voters in Michigan decided to vote “uncommitted” and exit polls show that had Obama’s name been on the ballot he would have garnered 73% of the vote whereas Clinton would have only managed 22%. This state is extremely important as we approach South Carolina’s primaries on January 26th where as much as half of the Democratic voters are expected to be African-American.

Potentially troubling news for Clinton in Michigan ‘win’ – [CNN Political Ticker]


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