Who’s the Long Shot?


In Michigan, few people will pay attention to Ron Paul, seen above thinking about destroying the Federal Reserve,  who garnered just over 6% of the vote. However, it’s important to notice that this is the second time he has finished ahead of one time front runner Rudy Giuliani. The first time of course with his 10% showing in Iowa. In Michigan Paul more than doubled the vote total of Giuliani, 52,000-24,000.  He even defeated the supposed Ronald Reagan incarnate Fred Thompson.

All this and he was recently banned from the latest Fox News debate. Shows how much they know. Or was it possibly their bias against any anti-war candidate?

These consistent showings for Paul have gained him more media attention, and he has continued to fund-raise at a record pace. His money has allowed him to begin a media campaign in eight states, which could possibly raise his vote totals. All this as Rudy can’t even pay his top staffers?

It leaves many people asking.. When is Paul going to drop the Republican banner and run as an Independent?


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