Old People Get Cranky: Bill Clinton Snaps at Reporter

One of the most basic rules of dealing with the press is not to piss them off. These are the people who get to write the news, and you should really avoid directly attacking them unless you want some negative headlines. Having been president for eight years, Bill Clinton really should have already known this. If he did, he didn’t stop him from getting a little combative when answering a reporter yesterday in Nevada.

The question that offended the former president was about a lawsuit in Nevada that attempted to ban caucus meetings in nine casinos on the Las Vegas strip. The lawsuit was filed by the state teacher’s union, who supports Hillary Clinton, shortly after the Culinary Union endorsed Obama. Culinary workers primarily work in casinos and would probably dominate the caucuses held at these locations. The state teacher’s union didn’t think it was fair to theoretically give these nine casino caucus locations to Obama supporters.

The teacher’s union is claiming the at-large caucus sites would unfairly have more weight in terms of delegate allotment than caucuses throughout the rest of the state. The lawsuit also takes issue with caucuses being held midday at those sites – which could make it easier for culinary workers to caucus than it will be for other Nevadans.

Critics of the lawsuit say it is a clear attempt to suppress Obama’s support, a notion with which the former president sharply disagreed.

Despite saying that the Clinton campaign had “nothing” to do with the lawsuit, Bill got more than a little defensive when asked about it.

“Get on your television station and say, ‘I don’t care about the home mortgage crisis, all I care about is making sure that some voters have it easier than others should count five times, and when they do vote, when its already easier for them, their vote should count five times as much as others,” Clinton said in a raised voice.

“If you want to take that your position, get on the television and take it,” he added, as aides pulled him away. “Don’t be accusatory with me, I had nothing to do with this lawsuit.”

It’s sad to see our former president drag his name through the mud like this. Between false claims of his initial position on Iraq and the scandal surrounding his “fairy tale” comments regarding the Obama campaign, news reports of his behavior on the campaign trail have been far from the dignified role we would expect from a former president. George Bush never acted like this when his son was running for president.

After this incident, a federal judge ruled that the Democratic Party could hold their caucuses in these casino locations.

Bill Clinton gets heated with reporter – [CNN]


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