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Clinton Claims Nevada Caucus (Obama Claims Delegates)

With 90% of precincts reporting, Hillary Clinton, looking quite smug, has been called the victor in the state of Nevada. She garnered 51% of the vote compared to Barack Obama’s 45%. However, Obama did get one more delegate than Hillary, 13 to 12; and as Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson said, “This is a race for delegates…It is not a battle for individual states.” Funny how spin works huh?

Her major advantages were among women and Hispanics. Women made up 60% of those who turned out and 52% of them favored Clinton while Obama was backed by 35%. Clinton won the Latino vote by a near 3-1 advantage, routing Obama in that respect.

This broke what many were calling a tie between Clinton and Obama; Clinton winning New Hampshire after Obama’s victory in Iowa. It seems that South Carolina will be a very important race if Obama wishes to stay competitive in Florida and the February 5th states.

John Edwards gained only 4% of the vote, but has promised to stay in the race until the Democratic Convention in August. With 4%? That sounds like a Dennis Kucinich number. He seems to be looking for an upset in South Carolina where he was born and won the 2004 primary.

For the Republicans Nevada was largely uncontested. Mitt Romney won the state finishing with 52% of the vote. His closest competitor was Ron Paul, who finished with 13%. Paul’s second place finish could spur momentum and even greater fund raising numbers.

Mormons were a large factor in the Republican primary, 50% of Romney’s votes came from those who identified themselves as Mormons.

The larger headline for the Republicans will be who wins tonights South Carolina primary.


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