Undecided? Chew on this

Yes, yes, I know this is lazy, but Bill Schneider summed up the main difference I see between Obama and Clinton pretty nicely in his latest update to the CNN Political Ticker. Obama is running for president with the message that we need to start forming coalitions across the aisles in order to get something accomplished in Washington whereas Clinton is preaching that we need to fight the Republicans and reclaim the White House for Democrats. While I can’t say I disagree with the last statement, more partisanship is exactly what we don’t need, as the current work, or lack thereof, between the 110th Congress and Dubya has shown thus far. What we need is a president who isn’t afraid to compromise, who isn’t afraid to work with members of the other party to find solutions to problems affecting both Republicans and Democrats. Read what Schneider had to say about this and tonight’s CNN debates in South Carolina here.

Schneider: Some final thoughts – two different strategies – [CNN Political Ticker]


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