New York Times Picks Their Homegirl

In another case of a series of recent blows to Barack Obama, the New York Times announced Friday that it is endorsing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate, as well as John McCain for the Republican candidate.

Calling her a “strong commander-in-chief,” the Times compares Obama and Clinton saying that Clinton’s Senate experience gives her intelligence, leadership, and abilities over Obama. Though most of the time the editorial claims the two candidates have relatively similar platforms, the main difference they explain is in experience, which they seem to believe will allow her to be the better president.

As far as Republicans go, the Times said what we’re all thinking: all of the candidates have major flaws that would keep us headed in the wrong direction. But they do see hope in John McCain, who they believe will be the only one to break down the Bush Administration walls and be more moderate when it comes to the war, immigration, and the environment. A great part of the article is spent bashing Giuliani, despite his being a New York boy: “Mr. Giuliani’s arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking,” it reads. McCain may not fit the Times’ bill completely, but he seems to be as good as it gets in the Republican party.

So as South Carolina approaches tomorrow, it will be interesting to see just how this Clinton endorsement affects the predominately Obama favoring state.

Primary Choices: John McCain and Hillary Clinton – [New York Times]


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  1. Ugh. This whole experience thing bothers me so much. Obama has been an elected official longer, and when Hillary was sleeping with the President she didn’t have any security clearance, ZERO. She didn’t even get to read the President’s morning security briefing. And with the great marriage they had I’m sure they talked all the time about politics…

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