Kucinich Drops Presidential Race

Saying that he will begin “transitioning out of the Democratic Presidential primary race,” Dennis Kucinich promised his followers that he’ll continue promoting his values in the U.S. House, but drop his presidential goal.

Kucinich received only 1% of votes in New Hampshire and was shut out of recent NBC debates. He may not have had a strong chance in the race, but he sure made his name known beyond his home state of Ohio in the past months.

“I won’t be president, but I can continue to fight for these important issues as the United States congressman representing the community that is first in my heart, Cleveland, Ohio,” he said.

And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of “Impeach Cheney” shouts from Kucinich in the future.

Kucinich Abandons White House Bid – [Associated Press]


One Response

  1. Now about Dennis the Menace…………

    proof positive that you can run for president for the sole purpose of getting laid. if you can get people to contribute then you can get chicks with other people’s money. get your money for nothing and your chicks for free

    all that said, impeach Dick anyway.

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