Clinton Supporters Tell Bill to STFU

Sources close to the Hillary Clinton campaign are agreeing in “one huge wave” of sentiment that Bill Clinton, seen above trying to figure out what the definition of the word “is” is, needs to stop his dirty campaigning against Barack Obama.

All involved in the CNN report are unpaid “advisers or surrogates” to the Clinton campaign for President. They seem to think that Mr. Clinton’s campaigning in South Carolina hurt rather than helped his former first lady. The results seem to back up those opinions. Obama routed Clinton in South Carolina with 55% of the vote compared to her 27%. She fared especially poorly among African Americans, gaining only about 20% of that crucial voting demographic.

It seems Bill Clinton is running for a third term instead of Hillary running for her first. Bill has been inappropriate and hasn’t act with the demeanor a former president should. It just goes to show how scared the Clintons are when it seems they might not be able to stay in power.


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