Feel Good Moment: Ted Kennedy Says Nice Things in Obama Endorsement

I know we already posted about Ted Kennedy’s endorsement for Barack Obama, but Monday, the extremely influential Democratic Senator, who is roughly as old as dirt, made his endorsement official.  His extremely favorable endorsement speech is filled with praise for Obama, and I just felt like sharing a little bit of it with you.

Mr. Kennedy praised Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton as friends, but he presented his endorsement of Mr. Obama in a deeply personal way. Seldom does he mention his brothers, both of whom were assassinated, in public appearances. But he made repeated references to them.

“There was another time, when another young candidate was running for president and challenging America to cross a new frontier,” Mr. Kennedy said. “He faced criticism from the preceding Democratic president, who was widely respected in the party,” a reference to Harry S. Truman. “And John Kennedy replied: ‘The world is changing. The old ways will not do. It is time for a new generation of leadership.’ ”

“So it is,” he added, “with Barack Obama.”

That sums it up pretty nicely, doesn’t it?

Kennedy Backs Obama with ‘Old Politics’ Attack – [New York Times]


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