Obama Responds to State of the Union

Despite participating in the multiple standing ovations and riotous applause, Barack Obama has already come out with his response to Bush’s State of the Union address on Monday.

In his comments, Obama addresses the inconsistencies of the speech from the war to the economy. His biggest point is that of the completely broken politics in Washington, not just the particular policies over the last 7 years, which he says he will change when he becomes President.


One Response

  1. He’s so clearly reading from a teleprompter. He doesn’t even sound like he read the speech over before he started talking.

    You know, this is the reason I can’t fully get behind the Obama camp. I feel like one day some democrat spin doctor scanned some politicians, his eyes fell on Obama and he was like, “That one!” and since then has been pulling the puppet strings behind a very inspirational man who was certain to become the ideal democratic candidate. But, it feels sometimes like that’s all there is to it, it’s just all a fantastic construction of a character who doesn’t really exist.

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