Republicans Afraid of Obama

Rod Dreher, a conservative commentator on BeliefNet called Obama “the Democrats’ Reagan.” Furthermore, he goes on to say that Obama would win in a landslide if he got the nomination:

if this man gets his party’s nomination, he’s going to be the next president. By a landslide. And he is going to transform this country. If I were a Republican, I’d be very, very afraid. Oh wait, I am a Republican. Dang. Lord have mercy, I wish that man were a conservative. Because there’s no doubt in my mind about what he can accomplish for liberalism if he’s elected.

Look, I don’t want a man who believes the things Barack Obama believes to be president. But I’ve got to confess, he makes me proud of my country. When’s the last time you heard from a politician that made you proud of your country?

He then continues to gush about Obama’s speech in South Carolina. This is what I have been saying all along; if Obama gets it, he’ll be our next President without a doubt.

Obama is the Democrats’ Reagan – [BeliefNet]


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