9/11 Fear Politics Fail in Flordia

Rudy Giuliani’s disappointing finish in Florida’s Republican primary finally will end his experimental campaign for President. Something else that could flame out with his run is the politics of 9/11. As the Politico reports, Giuliani’s Presidential message was stuck back in 2001. He never sought to distance himself from September 11, but instead defined himself by it. Also by an idiotic strategy of skipping the first five primaries and caucuses in the nation.

What this shows is that this strategy of what Joe Biden described as a “noun, a verb, and 9/11,” has failed. In 2004, the message of fear and 9/11 was much more effective when more people equated the terrorist attack with the War in Iraq. However, since evidence has come out against such conclusions, many less people today consider 9/11 a salient political issue, and instead an emotional rallying point.

The politics of fear will continue to permeate politics as we know it today, much more so by one party than the other. This can be seen in the current administration’s war mongering against Iran. Although Iran ceased its nuclear program in 2003, a fact that has been known for weeks, President Bush still attacked the nation in the latest State of the Union. We must all be weary of such propaganda and question those who drive us towards war.

At least today we can see the politics of fear are beginning to fade.

Rudy defeat marks end of 9/11 politics — [Politico]


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