Now that she has won, Hillary wants the delegates reinstated.

Now that Hillary has won in two states that were stripped of their delegates for violating Democratic party rules and moving their primaries early, she thinks that it’s unfair that she doesn’t get those delegates. Hillary is calling for the more than 350 convention delegates of these two states to be reinstated.

Well of course she wants the reinstated, she won in both states.

The delegates were stripped from these states because they broke the rules. The reason we have such a clusterfuck on February 5th this year is because the Democratic National Committee made a rule that only Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina could hold their primaries before that date. States jealous of all the time and attention spent on early states like Iowa and New Hampshire desperately tried to get a piece of the action by moving their primaries as early as possible. This obviously backfired, because with 24 states holding primaries or caucuses on the same day, they’ll receive less attention than ever. Michigan and Florida decided to break the rules anyway and move their elections even earlier. For doing this they were stripped of their delegates.

To show their support for the Democratic Party, both Obama and Edwards decided to remove their names from the ballot in Michigan. Hillary, sensing an opportunity for an easy “win” in the state, decided to keep her name on the ballot. Obviously, it was no surprise that as a result of having no real competitors, she “won” in Michigan. Now, along with the delegates from Florida, she is trying to get these delegates back.

Her rhetoric has a point. It was dumb of the Democratic National Committee to bar delegates, especially in a state as important as Florida. While Republican candidates have been giving Florida attention for months, no major Democratic candidate has campaigned in the state. Come November, which party do you think Florida voters will be more familiar with? With as many electoral votes as Florida has, this probably wasn’t the best idea for Democrats.

However, reinstating these delegates after the fact would be unfair. I’m sure if Obama and Edwards had known the delegates would, in fact, get to vote at the convention, they would have both left their names on the ballot in Michigan and, if not beat Hillary, at least take a large number of delegates away from her.

Clearly Hillary is realizing that this election is far from the cake walk she thought it was going to be. Her actions to try to get these delegates reinstated further show how nervous she must be feeling.

Clinton: Give States Their Delegates – [Associated Press]


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