Dems Play Nice

Tonight at the Democratic debates in Los Angeles, it was a two candidate affair as John Edwards was obviously absent and Mike Gravel was not invited (why is he still running anyways?). However, the heated exchanges that were supposed to characterize the debate between the two formerly bickering front-runners never came. They actually even discussed (click on “Dream ticket”) running with each other and highlighted that they are extremely similar on the issues. Although, their biggest differences come in their healthcare plans; Hillary wants to mandate coverage for everyone, Obama wants to ensure that everyone that wants healthcare can get it, but will not require it. It was refreshing to see these two act like adults and this type of vibe (click on “post debate pleasantries”) will definitely help the Democratic Party come November.

Clinton, Obama debate with less finger-pointing – [CNN]


One Response

  1. I feel the love.

    Though Hilary’s laugh makes me want to stab babies.

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