Obama Come Back In California

After months of trailing Hillary Clinton by up to 25 points in California, Barack Obama has closed the gap. As the Sunshine State prepares to vote on February 5, the latest Rasmussen poll has Obama up one point 45-44.

His rising viability and the opportunity for voters to listen to his message is most likely the main reasons for Obama’s push. Wins in Iowa and South Carolina while running extremely competitive campaigns in Nevada, and New Hampshire have led many people to believe that Obama is much more than the fad that some made him out to be.

Other than his amazing comeback in the state with the most delegates at stake, California, Obama is leading by a substantial margin in Georgia. He is also close in Arizona and Connecticut while closing the gap in states such as Missouri, Alabama, and Massachusetts. If his sold out performance at the Target Center is any indication, he will also be competitive in Minnesota.

As delegates in Democratic primaries and caucuses are awarded on a proportional basis, it is looking less and less likely a winner will be declared after Super Tuesday. However, one thing is for sure, across the country Barack Obama is exciting people from all walks of life and will give Hillary a run for her money.


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