Why Obama Continues to Gain Momentum

Barack Obama, whom I had the opportunity to meet this weekend (yes, I nearly peed myself), not only is being competitive in California, he even has a slight lead according to some polls. California had long been considered a stronghold for Hillary, but now it appears that Obama has a definite chance to take the state. He is also close to Clinton in New Jersey and Missouri where he picked up a key endorsement from popular Senator Claire McCaskill. Neither of those states were expected to go his way either. My explanation for this is simple; people are getting familiar with Barack. His name is out there more and people are beginning to trust him. I feel that early on in the election many Democrats were afraid to move away from their familiarity with the Clinton name, but they have now grown comfortable with the idea of Barack Obama changing this country. Also, it must be noted that many Edwards supporters are sure to have switched their vote to Obamstar. A final reason why Obama is gaining nationally is the recent plethora of endorsements he has received including:

Maria Shriver, wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger and neice of John F. Kennedy
Garrison Keillor
Rory Kennedy
Ethel Kennedy
The Albuquerque Journal
The Alburquerque Tribune
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
The Birmingham News
The New York Post
La Opinion, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the U.S.
The Minnesota Daily
The California branch of the SEIU which has 650,000 members
numerous state legislators
and rumors of an Al Gore endorsement…

This all makes for a very interesting Super Tuesday, which of course your friends at Civic Alert (minus me, I’ll be working for the Obama campaign) will be liveblogging once again.

Clinton, Obama in dead heat ahead of vote – [Reuters]


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