Why Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket will never happen

I’ve heard a lot of people justify voting for Hillary, pictured about to catch a grape in her mouth, because they think Obama will be her VP and then he could be president in eight years. Ronald Martin has a really good editorial over on CNN about why the Obama-Clinton/Clinton-Obama “dream ticket” will remain only a dream. He outlines five different arguments for why neither candidate would want to be on the same ticket as the other, including that Hillary doesn’t want to be overshadowed by her VP and Obama wouldn’t want to deal with competing with Bill for influence.

Former Democratic candidate Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, when asked if he wanted to be her VP, he said competing with Bill Clinton isn’t his cup of tea. Some would say that serving as VP two terms under Clinton would give Obama administrative experience, and he would be 54 when he could run, but I just don’t buy it.

It’s a short and interesting read for anybody who thinks they could have the “best of both worlds” by voting for Hillary tomorrow.

Commentary: Forget and Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket – [CNN.com]


6 Responses

  1. Isn’t this more about what is best for the American people? Don’t the Democrats want the Presidency, Congress and the Senate? This is the only way they will get things done. Both of these candidates are good so why not give the best to the nation- because I think there would be a landslide with this dream team. It is time to put egos aside.

  2. To be honest, even though I dont want a HIllary anything, those two are obviously the front runners and whoever loses(HIllary) should be on the ticket as vp. It makes the most sense, and I think, as said before, it is time to put the egos aside and do what is best for the country, even if it means having the wicked witch of the west as your vp.

  3. I don’t know. I think Obama would really help Clinton’s campaign as VP, but I don’t think it works the other way around. Obama could easily appeal to Clinton’s demographics if she were out the race. Clinton is really popular among die-hard Democrats, who would rally around Obama if she were no longer in the race. However, the independents that like Obama would not do the same for Clinton.

    Bottom line is that regardless of where Hillary’s name is on the ticket, Republicans will rally against her. Unless you want to risk reuniting a divided Republican Party, keep Clinton off the ticket.

  4. Its not supposed to be about which VP will get you the most votes, its whats best for the country. Whoever wins the Democratic nominee will be a giant favorite to win the presidential race, and whoever comes in second should be the VP.

  5. If the runner up is not on the ticket….i will vote for Mc Cain and if his runner up is not on his ticket i will not vote, period!!

  6. What the candidates do or do not like is not really relevant. I can give you one reason why it will happen. It needs too. Honestly, a joint ticket is necessary at this point because it looks like the contest is going to go on and it is the fastest way to reconcile. Saying the old democrats will rally around Obama w/o Sen. Clinton on the ticket is about the same as saying AA will rally around Sen. Clinton w/o Sen. Obama on the ticket.

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