Civic Alert Presents: Super Tuesday Liveblog

The months of waiting are over! It is finally Super Tuesday and we here at Civic Alert will be liveblogging throughout the evening as the results from all 24 states come in. Hit the jump for the liveblog.
imperfectunion (7:08:03 PM): alright, CNN is making their predictions already, but before we get into projections, let’s talk about what we do know
imperfectunion (7:08:18 PM): Huckabee won 18 delegates in West Virginia today
imperfectunion (7:09:21 PM): 24 states have held their primaries and caucuses today
imperfectunion (7:09:38 PM): as well as america samoa
imperfectunion (7:10:27 PM): also, it’s worth noting that, for the democrats, it isn’t as important as who “wins” and who “loses”
imperfectunion (7:10:33 PM): it’s all about delegates
imperfectunion (7:10:42 PM): so the percentages are much more important
imperfectunion (7:11:02 PM): however, Republicans have many more “winner takes all states” where the winner gets ALL of the state’s delegates
imperfectunion (7:11:29 PM): in these cases, it’s obviously only important who wins, whether that is by 40% or by a single vote
imperfectunion (7:11:39 PM): Now, Amy, hit us with CNN’s projections
thewindycity23 (7:11:49 PM): okay, these are mostly just from exit polls so far
thewindycity23 (7:12:28 PM): but we have Obama winning Georgia, Illinois, and Connecticut
thewindycity23 (7:12:49 PM): and Clinton with New Jersey, Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma
thewindycity23 (7:12:57 PM): on the Republican side, McCain is taking off quickly
thewindycity23 (7:13:19 PM): he has New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Illinois
thewindycity23 (7:13:44 PM): Romney got his state of Massachusetts
thewindycity23 (7:14:00 PM): and Huckabee took Georgia, West Virginia, and Alabama
thewindycity23 (7:14:18 PM): a couple more exit polls are coming in now
thewindycity23 (7:14:25 PM): Clinton and Obama tied in Massachusetts
thewindycity23 (7:14:30 PM): with 45% currently
thewindycity23 (7:14:41 PM): and McCain taking Montana
thewindycity23 (7:15:37 PM): Guiliani is actually in second place in New Jersey behind McCain
thewindycity23 (7:15:47 PM): he has 26% right now in exit polls
thewindycity23 (7:15:58 PM): this is probably one of the few states where he’ll see high percentages
imperfectunion (7:16:05 PM): lol
imperfectunion (7:16:14 PM): LOL RUDY GIULLIANI
thewindycity23 (7:16:32 PM): Clinton is ahead in Missouri, as well as Huckabee
imperfectunion (7:18:20 PM): alright, if you’re at Civic Alert, you already know what’s at stake for the Obama/Clinton race, but we really haven’t talked about what this race means for the GOP
imperfectunion (7:18:35 PM): If McCain wins big today, he’ll clinch his spot as the front runner
imperfectunion (7:18:52 PM): however, Romney still has a viable chance today if he can take California and Mass
imperfectunion (7:18:58 PM): and it already looks like he’ll be taking Mass.
thewindycity23 (7:19:12 PM): with a McCain clincher, that will make the general election a whole lot more interesting
thewindycity23 (7:19:15 PM): and SCARY.
imperfectunion (7:19:41 PM): I actually think California’s results will be more interesting for the Republicans
imperfectunion (7:20:01 PM): I fully expect obama and clinton to finish close together in California, but for the Republicans, it’s a winner takes all state
thewindycity23 (7:20:23 PM): you don’t think with arnold’s endorsement, mccain is a given? i thought everyone had to listen to the schwarz.
imperfectunion (7:20:33 PM): and despite the Governator personally endorsing McCain, independents are not allowed to vote in the state’s republican primary
imperfectunion (7:20:47 PM): and McCain NEEDS independents
thewindycity23 (7:20:48 PM): yes he does
imperfectunion (7:20:54 PM): many republicans still don’t like him
imperfectunion (7:22:02 PM): California could shift the race from McCain to Romney
imperfectunion (7:22:15 PM): of course, Romney would also need to pick up a few other states beyond Cali and Mass.
thewindycity23 (7:22:52 PM): yeah, mccain does have a definite struggle to face among the hard core conservatives
thewindycity23 (7:23:10 PM): i mean, dobson just claimed he wasn’t a true conservative
thewindycity23 (7:23:17 PM): that will really hurt him among evangelicals
thewindycity23 (7:23:25 PM): dobson is a huge political influence for them
imperfectunion (7:23:34 PM): eh, not in the general election is huckabee is his running mate
imperfectunion (7:23:44 PM): which looks likely after the stunt they pulled in West Virginia today
imperfectunion (7:23:50 PM): which you can read about at Civic Alert!
thewindycity23 (7:23:57 PM): shameless plug!
imperfectunion (7:24:07 PM):!
imperfectunion (7:29:41 PM): Arkanasa is closing soon
imperfectunion (7:30:01 PM): that’ll probably go to Hillary, she was the First Lady when Bill was governor there…
imperfectunion (7:30:20 PM): Huckabee will obviously do well as former governor of the state
imperfectunion (7:30:30 PM): CNN just projected Hillary will take Arkansas
imperfectunion (7:30:33 PM): yawn
imperfectunion (7:30:34 PM): big surprise
imperfectunion (7:30:40 PM): what’s important is how much she wins by
imperfectunion (7:30:43 PM): not that she wins
imperfectunion (7:30:59 PM): Huckabee was projected winner of Arkansas for the GOP
imperfectunion (7:31:16 PM): which is not a “winner-takes-all” state for either side
thewindycity23 (7:34:06 PM): still not many final results in–georgia has the most with 18% of precincts reporting
thewindycity23 (7:34:21 PM): for the democrats, that is. 15% for republicans
thewindycity23 (7:34:46 PM): obama is in the lead in Delaware, but it’s very close
thewindycity23 (7:35:41 PM): mccain is also in the lead over romney in Delaware
imperfectunion (7:38:54 PM): Alright, let’s do another roll call, hit me with the states Hillary is currently leading in:
thewindycity23 (7:39:28 PM): okay, the states that she is projected the winner in are Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma
thewindycity23 (7:39:56 PM): she is also leading in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Missouri
imperfectunion (7:40:13 PM): Obama is leading in Conneticut, Illinois, Georgia, Delaware, and Alabama
imperfectunion (7:40:26 PM): Now let’s do Republicans
imperfectunion (7:40:33 PM): hit me with the states McCain is leading in:
thewindycity23 (7:40:54 PM): McCain is projected winner in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois
thewindycity23 (7:41:24 PM): and leading in Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana, Missouri, and Delaware
imperfectunion (7:41:39 PM): Romney is leading only in Massachusetts, and Huckabee is leading in Arkansas, Georgia, and has already won West Virginia
thewindycity23 (7:46:24 PM): CNN projected that McCain will take Delaware
imperfectunion (7:46:47 PM): which is another “winner takes all” state
imperfectunion (7:47:00 PM): THIS JUST IN:
imperfectunion (7:47:05 PM): McCain is as old as dirt
thewindycity23 (7:47:13 PM): and he looks like a dino.
imperfectunion (7:50:50 PM): Huckabee is tied with McCain in Alabama
imperfectunion (7:51:09 PM): I’m not sure if I’m surprised that a man who has admitted to eating squirrels is doing so well
imperfectunion (7:51:20 PM): I mean, it IS the south…
imperfectunion (7:52:00 PM): things are still pretty close as far as “projected winners” go
imperfectunion (7:52:26 PM): McCain has four states, Huckabee has one projected win and one actual win, and Romney has one projected win
imperfectunion (7:52:34 PM): Hillary has three projected wins and Obama has two projected wins
imperfectunion (7:52:44 PM): although Alabama should be a projected win for obama any second
thewindycity23 (7:53:03 PM): not many new states coming in right now
thewindycity23 (7:53:22 PM): but a bunch of states are going to be closing their polls in about 7 minutes, so we’ll be getting new exit polls soon
thewindycity23 (7:53:28 PM): including Minnesota! yay.
imperfectunion (7:54:01 PM): I’m really interested to see how MN will go for both parties
imperfectunion (7:54:23 PM): Clinton has held the lead for a long time in the state, but with Obama selling out the Target Center last weekend, that could change
imperfectunion (7:54:38 PM): plus, MN had the largest voter turnout for young people in 2004
imperfectunion (7:54:52 PM): and on the Republican side, McCain could do well, but Huckabee also has a chance
thewindycity23 (7:55:06 PM): and we apparently like “change,” as we voted jesse as our governor
imperfectunion (7:55:07 PM): ugh
imperfectunion (7:55:19 PM): we obviously aren’t afraid of going independent
thewindycity23 (7:55:36 PM): i’m surprised we weren’t leaning toward fred thompson–we also like celebrities
imperfectunion (7:55:57 PM): I would hardly call Fred Thompson a celebrity
thewindycity23 (7:56:03 PM): have you seen Die Hard?!?!?!?!
imperfectunion (7:56:10 PM): psh, Die Hard 2
imperfectunion (7:56:14 PM): big difference
imperfectunion (7:56:33 PM): maybe his campaign slogan should be “yippee kay yay mother fucker”
imperfectunion (7:56:42 PM): which actually sounds like more of a slogan for McCain
thewindycity23 (7:57:51 PM): wooo Kansas loves obama!
thewindycity23 (7:58:06 PM): he’s ahead 69% to 31% right now
imperfectunion (7:58:59 PM): oooo
imperfectunion (7:59:11 PM): apparently there were tornados in memphis, tennessee today?
imperfectunion (7:59:25 PM): that hurts Obama in the state, apparently that’s the city where obama was doing the best
thewindycity23 (7:59:40 PM): bummer
thewindycity23 (8:00:29 PM): CNN projects that Hillary will get New York
thewindycity23 (8:00:30 PM): duh.
thewindycity23 (8:02:54 PM): also, McCain is getting New York as well
thewindycity23 (8:03:01 PM): and Romney in Minnesota perhaps?
imperfectunion (8:03:32 PM): CNN’s touch screen is really cool…
thewindycity23 (8:03:44 PM): Yeah Ron Paul, second place in New York!
imperfectunion (8:03:44 PM): psh, he would be
thewindycity23 (8:04:03 PM): Obama is getting Minnesota!!!
thewindycity23 (8:04:10 PM): only exit polls, but 70%
thewindycity23 (8:04:15 PM): *79%
thewindycity23 (8:07:05 PM): Obama was just projected to get Delaware
thewindycity23 (8:08:23 PM): and Minnesota might vote crazy again and go Ron Paul, but that’s just exit polls
imperfectunion (8:15:23 PM): Obama is really pulling away in Georgia
imperfectunion (8:15:54 PM): now he’s leading 59% to 38%
imperfectunion (8:16:08 PM): with 45% reporting in
imperfectunion (8:17:06 PM): Surprisingly, Clinton is winning by quite a bit in Mass. with 58% to Obama’s 39%
imperfectunion (8:17:14 PM): although, Boston has reported in yet
imperfectunion (8:17:26 PM): although I doubt that’ll help him, I hear it isn’t a big college town
thewindycity23 (8:19:32 PM): hillary really nabbed the Latino vote in New York
thewindycity23 (8:19:52 PM): which isn’t surprising, but it’s an area that Obama really needs to put time into
imperfectunion (8:19:53 PM): no se puede?
thewindycity23 (8:19:59 PM): no se puede :[
imperfectunion (8:21:10 PM): CNN projects that John McCain might be related to a dinosaur
imperfectunion (8:21:19 PM): and share a birthday with dirt
thewindycity23 (8:21:26 PM): and take New York, a winner take all state
imperfectunion (8:21:29 PM): that too
thewindycity23 (8:21:34 PM): with 101 delegates
imperfectunion (8:21:39 PM): that’s a lot
thewindycity23 (8:21:45 PM): yes, over 100 in fact
imperfectunion (8:21:51 PM): so true
imperfectunion (8:26:35 PM): alright time for another roll call
imperfectunion (8:26:40 PM): Which states are Hillary projected to win?
thewindycity23 (8:27:15 PM): Hillary has projected wins in New York, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
thewindycity23 (8:27:38 PM): Obama has projected wins in Georgia, Illinois, and Delaware
imperfectunion (8:28:28 PM): McCain has projected wins in New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Conneticut and Illinois
imperfectunion (8:29:20 PM): Huckabee has already won in West Virginia and is projected to win in Arkansas
imperfectunion (8:29:26 PM): Romney is projected to win in Mass.
thewindycity23 (8:29:55 PM): obama has the lead in North Dakota now too
thewindycity23 (8:29:59 PM): with 21% reporting
thewindycity23 (8:30:10 PM): and Obama was just projected to win in Alabama
thewindycity23 (8:32:01 PM): also, Obama is in the lead in Idaho with 9% of polls reporting
imperfectunion (8:32:02 PM): props to everyone who went to go vote in TN regardless of tornados
imperfectunion (8:32:09 PM): you are real patriots/idiots
imperfectunion (8:33:21 PM): Disenfranchised by tornados? that’s a new one
imperfectunion (8:33:31 PM): Stupid god….
imperfectunion (8:35:20 PM): Man, CNN’s “iphone” screen is so fucking cool
imperfectunion (8:35:24 PM): they’ve come a long way from Iowa
thewindycity23 (8:35:33 PM): they finally know how to use it
imperfectunion (8:35:46 PM): he’s like a magician!
imperfectunion (8:35:58 PM): like sorceror mickey!
thewindycity23 (8:36:31 PM): i wish they were playing classical music in the background…and that he had a sorceror’s hat
imperfectunion (8:36:54 PM): and that walking brooms came and flooded the situation room!
imperfectunion (8:37:04 PM): situation room sounds dangerous…
thewindycity23 (8:37:23 PM): minnesota is coming in very very slowly
thewindycity23 (8:37:36 PM): only 5% for dems and 2% for republicans
imperfectunion (8:38:13 PM): Idaho, Utah, and North Dakota will be closing their polls at 9
imperfectunion (8:38:17 PM): That’ll be nice for Mitt
imperfectunion (8:38:23 PM): he really needs another state in his favor
imperfectunion (8:38:30 PM): at least Utah will have his back
imperfectunion (8:44:08 PM): Missouri is going towards Hillary, even though it is still early…
imperfectunion (8:44:20 PM): come on St. Louis!
thewindycity23 (8:44:59 PM): they’re talking about voting with prejudices on CNN
thewindycity23 (8:45:08 PM): tell them about the guy you called in New Mexico, Scott
imperfectunion (8:45:15 PM): ha good call
imperfectunion (8:45:29 PM): CNN is making fun of how old McCain is…
imperfectunion (8:45:33 PM): do you think they’re reading this?
imperfectunion (8:46:25 PM): so, anyway, I was calling people in New Mexico when I volunteered at the Obama phonebank
imperfectunion (8:46:50 PM): and one guy told me that the only place the nation wants to see a black man and a white woman together is a porno
imperfectunion (8:46:51 PM): lol
imperfectunion (8:47:01 PM): in other news, Clinton is just projected the winner of Mass.
imperfectunion (8:47:03 PM): big news for Hillary
thewindycity23 (8:49:35 PM): she apparently got the votes of the blue collar democrats in massachusetts
imperfectunion (8:49:39 PM): brb, time for some snacks
imperfectunion (8:49:44 PM): Amy, give them another roll call?
thewindycity23 (8:50:02 PM): she also just got New Jersey
thewindycity23 (8:50:45 PM): she now has projected wins in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
thewindycity23 (8:51:11 PM): Obama has wins in Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, and Alabama
thewindycity23 (8:51:21 PM): she has a lot of big delegate states
thewindycity23 (8:51:38 PM): despite Obama having support from Newark’s mayor Cory Booker, she still nabbed New Jersey
thewindycity23 (8:53:26 PM): Obama is still winning Minnesota, but with only 10% of precincts reporting
thewindycity23 (8:53:35 PM): he’s up 66% to 32%
imperfectunion (8:58:55 PM): no snacks yet : [
imperfectunion (9:00:55 PM): less than a second after Utah’s polls close, CNN projects a Romney win
thewindycity23 (9:01:04 PM): ha, there’s a shocker
imperfectunion (9:01:07 PM): in other breaking news, the sun set today
imperfectunion (9:01:10 PM): and will rise tomorrow
imperfectunion (9:02:09 PM): hmm Obama is cleaning up in ND, I wonder why they haven’t projected that yet
thewindycity23 (9:02:23 PM): yeah, and they already have 89% in
imperfectunion (9:02:30 PM): and Obama has officially won Delaware
imperfectunion (9:02:39 PM): 53% to Hillary’s 42 %
thewindycity23 (9:04:24 PM): Colorado exit polls show Obama ahead
thewindycity23 (9:05:09 PM): McCain was just projected the winner in Oklahoma
thewindycity23 (9:05:24 PM): 38% over Huckabee’s 33%
thewindycity23 (9:20:15 PM): alright while we were gone
thewindycity23 (9:20:31 PM): Obama got North Dakota
thewindycity23 (9:20:38 PM): and Kansas
thewindycity23 (9:20:47 PM): and he’s still ahead in Colorado
thewindycity23 (9:22:14 PM): he also just got Connecticut
thewindycity23 (9:23:46 PM): obama slightly ahead early in utah
thewindycity23 (9:23:54 PM): clinton in arizona for the exit polls
thewindycity23 (9:24:17 PM): and romney is in the lead in north dakota ahead of mccain
imperfectunion (9:27:38 PM): mmm
imperfectunion (9:27:40 PM): that was good pizza
imperfectunion (9:27:44 PM): back to politics
thewindycity23 (9:28:56 PM): yes it was
thewindycity23 (9:29:01 PM): too bad i only got one slice…
thewindycity23 (9:29:02 PM): grr
imperfectunion (9:29:22 PM): that’s because you’re a loser and like cheese
imperfectunion (9:30:30 PM): Mike Huckabee just won alabama
imperfectunion (9:30:49 PM): apparently God’s power is stronger in the south
imperfectunion (9:30:59 PM): he had a fun speech though
imperfectunion (9:31:03 PM): I like hearing the guy talk
imperfectunion (9:31:14 PM): he’s pretty funny when he isn’t eating squirrels and hating gays
thewindycity23 (9:31:37 PM): Obama got minnesota according to CNN
thewindycity23 (9:31:42 PM): wooooo represent!
imperfectunion (9:31:47 PM): Wooo. I bet he’s glad he came this weekend
imperfectunion (9:31:53 PM): that was a good call
imperfectunion (9:32:10 PM): Way to go to all the readers from MN
imperfectunion (9:32:19 PM): and Kyle
imperfectunion (9:32:32 PM): and especially Curt, who can’t be here tonight because he’s volunteering for Obama
imperfectunion (9:33:21 PM): Romney’s new haircut sucks
imperfectunion (9:33:24 PM): btw
imperfectunion (9:33:28 PM): he’s speaking right now
imperfectunion (9:33:47 PM): although, I hate him for other reasons
thewindycity23 (9:33:47 PM): he’s not as funny as huckabee
thewindycity23 (9:34:08 PM): but funnier looking!!
imperfectunion (9:34:08 PM): sure he’s funny
thewindycity23 (9:34:10 PM): ohhhh
imperfectunion (9:34:12 PM): DAMMIT
imperfectunion (9:34:14 PM): DAMMIT
imperfectunion (9:34:19 PM): how could you take that from me!?
imperfectunion (9:34:23 PM): GOD!
thewindycity23 (9:34:34 PM): omg we’re like the SAME PERSON!
imperfectunion (9:34:40 PM): …
thewindycity23 (9:38:18 PM): romney coming in slightly ahead of huckabee early on in colorado
thewindycity23 (9:40:52 PM): thank god romney’s speech is done
thewindycity23 (9:41:07 PM): i was tired of monotone group chanting
thewindycity23 (9:41:26 PM): McCain was just projected for Arizona
imperfectunion (9:41:36 PM): oh my
imperfectunion (9:41:38 PM): what a surprise
imperfectunion (9:41:51 PM): it’s a winner-take-all state
imperfectunion (9:41:59 PM): so I guess that’s good news for McCain
imperfectunion (9:50:33 PM): Okay, let’s talk about Huckabee for a minute
imperfectunion (9:50:51 PM): while McCain is going to win the most states, Huckabee is the real winner tonight
imperfectunion (9:50:58 PM): here was the problem for republicans
imperfectunion (9:51:11 PM): Republicans who don’t like Bush like McCain
imperfectunion (9:51:21 PM): but many republicans wanted a more conservative candidate
imperfectunion (9:51:42 PM): and while these more “conservative” candidates split the vote, McCain excelled
imperfectunion (9:51:46 PM): gained momenteum
imperfectunion (9:51:49 PM): and caught fire
imperfectunion (9:51:52 PM): this is carrying him tonight
imperfectunion (9:52:02 PM): and most of the “conservative’ republicans dropped out
thewindycity23 (9:52:07 PM): shut up, show some respect. hillary is talking!
imperfectunion (9:52:17 PM): eh, I’m going to keep going
imperfectunion (9:52:38 PM): Romney hoped that he could appeal to this large number of Republicans who don’t like McCain and take the win
imperfectunion (9:52:43 PM): and he might have been able to
imperfectunion (9:52:54 PM): but unfortunately for him, Huckabee decided to stay in
imperfectunion (9:53:02 PM): and Huckabee stole this conservative vote from him tonight
thewindycity23 (9:53:04 PM): and he’s planning on staying in until the very end
imperfectunion (9:53:32 PM): by keeping the vote split between him and Romney, he is guaranteeing that McCain will get the nomination
imperfectunion (9:53:43 PM): and that he’ll be in a mighty good position to get vice president
imperfectunion (9:54:13 PM): for a guy who wasn’t even a second tier candidate until December, this is better than Huckabee could have ever hoped for when he entered this race
imperfectunion (9:54:22 PM): amazing story for him
imperfectunion (9:54:32 PM): just goes to show you where God will get you in this country
thewindycity23 (9:54:32 PM): also an amazing story for mccain
imperfectunion (9:54:35 PM): aye
thewindycity23 (9:54:53 PM): two candidates who easily could’ve fallen out early on are now leading the way
imperfectunion (9:56:46 PM): Hillary is really pandering to democratics in her speech
imperfectunion (9:57:01 PM): really laying it on thick
imperfectunion (9:57:21 PM): she has been projected to win six states so far
imperfectunion (9:58:52 PM): so, uh, apparently MSNBC projected Utah for Obama
imperfectunion (9:59:01 PM): even though Hillary is currently winning by a very small margin
thewindycity23 (10:01:35 PM): Romney is projected in North Dakota now
imperfectunion (10:02:00 PM): God, is Hillary still speaking?
thewindycity23 (10:02:11 PM): i think that was supposed to be inspirational, that last part
thewindycity23 (10:02:14 PM): but she botched it
imperfectunion (10:02:25 PM): maybe she hopes the black eye peas will fix it for her?
imperfectunion (10:02:42 PM): California closed
imperfectunion (10:02:52 PM): apparently it’s close for both parties
thewindycity23 (10:05:46 PM): huckbee got nearly all of the Bible Belt part of Missouri
thewindycity23 (10:05:58 PM): but McCain still just passed him there
imperfectunion (10:06:41 PM): let’s talk about superdelegates for a minute
imperfectunion (10:06:58 PM): Superdelegates get to decide who they vote for, and they can change their mind anytime before the convention
imperfectunion (10:07:46 PM): so if McCain continues to dominate the night
imperfectunion (10:08:05 PM): and Democratic party leaders realize that Obama has the best chance of beating McCain in the general election
imperfectunion (10:08:14 PM): we could see a larger shift of superdelegates to Obama
thewindycity23 (10:08:22 PM): i wonder what john edwards is doing right now?
imperfectunion (10:08:40 PM): crack
imperfectunion (10:08:59 PM): or his terminally ill wife
thewindycity23 (10:12:15 PM): alright, 1% in for California with Clinton at 57% and Obama at 33%
imperfectunion (10:12:17 PM): Romney just projected in MN
imperfectunion (10:12:23 PM): wtf MN? You used to be cool
thewindycity23 (10:12:30 PM): yeah, that’s actually pretty surprising
thewindycity23 (10:13:21 PM): for Republicans in Cali, it’s McCain 50% and Romney 22% with 1% in
imperfectunion (10:13:41 PM): doesn’t mean anything yet
thewindycity23 (10:20:27 PM): both white voters and black voters are voting for obama over clinton in california
thewindycity23 (10:20:51 PM): but latino vote is big too–29% of democrats are latino in cali
imperfectunion (10:21:16 PM): and asians are supporting Clinton by a landslide
imperfectunion (10:28:29 PM): I want a giant t.v. wall in my room
imperfectunion (10:28:31 PM): stupid CNN
imperfectunion (10:28:43 PM): Missouri is ridiculously close
imperfectunion (10:28:56 PM): 50% clinton to 47% obama with 87% reporting in
imperfectunion (10:29:06 PM): and the cities are still reporting in
imperfectunion (10:29:12 PM): which are strongly in Obama’s favor
imperfectunion (10:29:13 PM): way too close
imperfectunion (10:29:59 PM): man Huckabee is killing in the south
imperfectunion (10:30:06 PM): just projected to win in Georgia
imperfectunion (10:30:16 PM): and he’s owning TN right now, tornados be damned
imperfectunion (10:30:25 PM): I bet God sent those tornados to help Huckabee
thewindycity23 (10:30:29 PM): he would
imperfectunion (10:30:33 PM): HE WOULD
imperfectunion (10:31:57 PM): Oh, and in contrast to what I said at the beginning of the blog, apparently California is NOT a winner-takes-all state for the Republicans
imperfectunion (10:32:04 PM): which really hurts Romney
imperfectunion (10:37:27 PM): lol, McCain is playing Rocky music
imperfectunion (10:37:56 PM): fitting, he’s making a comeback: Rocky VI style!
imperfectunion (10:38:21 PM): hahaha
imperfectunion (10:38:35 PM): when McCain said “come from behind wins,” a few people in the crowd giggled
thewindycity23 (10:38:36 PM): including me
imperfectunion (10:38:50 PM): I would expect that at a Ron Paul speech
imperfectunion (10:39:13 PM): More people laughed when he said “it was thick AND thin”
imperfectunion (10:39:15 PM): …
thewindycity23 (10:40:33 PM): Obama just got Colorado and Idaho according to CNN
imperfectunion (10:42:10 PM): he’s walking out to make his speech now
imperfectunion (10:42:14 PM): in other news, I hate my life
imperfectunion (10:42:16 PM): why aren’t we there?
thewindycity23 (10:42:20 PM): good question
imperfectunion (10:42:21 PM): that’s literally five miles away
thewindycity23 (10:42:26 PM): asldjfalkdsfjf
imperfectunion (10:42:30 PM): we do this for you!
imperfectunion (10:42:39 PM): we are missing his speech to write this liveblog
thewindycity23 (10:42:46 PM): so feel bad for us, dammit!
imperfectunion (10:42:53 PM): MONEY!
imperfectunion (10:43:00 PM): We want your pity and your money!
thewindycity23 (10:47:12 PM): Obama was just projected winner for Utah
imperfectunion (10:48:23 PM): woah
imperfectunion (10:48:26 PM): he’s killing in Idaho
imperfectunion (10:48:30 PM): 81%!
thewindycity23 (10:50:22 PM): Romney got Colorado
thewindycity23 (10:52:11 PM): i’m constantly amazed by how much more eloquent and passionate of a speaker obama is versus clinton
thewindycity23 (10:56:44 PM): another southern win for huckabee in tennessee
imperfectunion (11:04:43 PM): alright, so that was awesome
thewindycity23 (11:06:33 PM): and Romney just got Montana
imperfectunion (11:07:01 PM): Romney is pickin’ up a few now
thewindycity23 (11:14:17 PM): Hillary picked up Arizona
KyleGo93 (11:19:24 PM) has entered the room.
imperfectunion (11:19:35 PM): look who decided to show up
KyleGo93 (11:20:08 PM): haha, sorry i was actually killing iraqis in Desert Storm II, Back to Baghdad
KyleGo93 (11:20:14 PM): best playstation II game ever
imperfectunion (11:20:29 PM): ha
imperfectunion (11:20:31 PM): a real american
KyleGo93 (11:20:48 PM): definately
imperfectunion (11:21:09 PM): I’m getting some graphics ready for the blog, what do you think of tonight so far?
KyleGo93 (11:21:24 PM): Exciting!! In Minnesota and across the country.
KyleGo93 (11:21:40 PM): I voted today in the University of Minnesota student union
KyleGo93 (11:21:49 PM): and the line was incredible, almost an hour long
KyleGo93 (11:22:00 PM): it was so fantastic to see so many young people turn out
KyleGo93 (11:22:24 PM): Coffman Union is three stories high, and the line stretched from the ground floor all the way to the topo
KyleGo93 (11:22:25 PM): top
KyleGo93 (11:22:55 PM): even more exciting, Obama has taken the lead in Missouri
KyleGo93 (11:23:05 PM): a state which was portrayed as vital to each campaign
thewindycity23 (11:23:15 PM): i heard polls were crazy–my mom waited almost an hour in edina
KyleGo93 (11:23:29 PM): It was amazing
KyleGo93 (11:25:04 PM): I am also surprised at how poorly Romney has done
KyleGo93 (11:25:17 PM): he has only won states he has lived in, Utah and Mass.
thewindycity23 (11:25:26 PM): yeah, but i’m also suprised he won minnesota
thewindycity23 (11:25:33 PM): didn’t see that one coming
thewindycity23 (11:25:52 PM): awwww shit
thewindycity23 (11:26:01 PM): Clinton was just projected for California
thewindycity23 (11:26:04 PM): same with McCain
KyleGo93 (11:26:32 PM): I was also surprised by Minnesota going to Romney, especially with McCain getting so much support from Pawlenty
imperfectunion (11:26:43 PM): ditto
imperfectunion (11:26:52 PM): man, I didn’t think Clinton would be winning by so much in Cali
KyleGo93 (11:26:56 PM): I heard California was going to be much closer than this
imperfectunion (11:27:30 PM): taking all the delegates
imperfectunion (11:27:34 PM): that one went down to the wire
KyleGo93 (11:27:58 PM): Does this cement a victory for McCain? California and Missouri?\
imperfectunion (11:31:02 PM): not for sure
imperfectunion (11:31:06 PM): but basically, it does
imperfectunion (11:31:11 PM): it isn’t a guarantee
thewindycity23 (11:32:31 PM): luckily i don’t think clinton’s california win is a guarantee for her
thewindycity23 (11:32:46 PM): it’s a big deal, but we’ll have to wait and see the proportion of delegates there
KyleGo93 (11:32:59 PM): yeah, but i believe it is a significant setback for Obama, especially with the expectations for a close race
KyleGo93 (11:33:07 PM): hopefully as more votes come in, it tightens up
thewindycity23 (11:34:19 PM): yeah, we’re only at 16%
KyleGo93 (11:35:12 PM): but enough votes to call the race..
KyleGo93 (11:38:02 PM): i feel Obama maintaining his slim lead in Missouri is imperative. Hillary has won most of the large states, other than Obama’s home of Illinois.
KyleGo93 (11:38:40 PM): She won in Cali, New Jersey, New York, and Mass. which was an especially large setback given Ted Kennedy’s recent endorsement.
imperfectunion (11:39:38 PM): well, “won” is a relative term
imperfectunion (11:39:49 PM): in the states which obama won
imperfectunion (11:39:50 PM): he dominated
imperfectunion (11:40:04 PM): Even if Hillary takes Missouri, Obama will get more delegates
imperfectunion (11:40:12 PM): because he did better in higher population counties
KyleGo93 (11:40:15 PM): that is a very good point, obama’s margins for victory did seem to be much larger
imperfectunion (11:40:20 PM): Plus
imperfectunion (11:40:26 PM): bigger cities count votes slower
imperfectunion (11:40:30 PM): Obama does better in bigger cities
imperfectunion (11:40:41 PM): I wouldn’t be surprised if Cali ended up being a lot closer
KyleGo93 (11:40:43 PM): also true, i still have a hard time with the whole delegate process, i can’t get beyond if you win the state you win the most
KyleGo93 (11:42:08 PM): So have the only states which have yet to be called is the Missouri dem race, New Mexico, and Alaska?
imperfectunion (11:42:27 PM): correct
imperfectunion (11:42:41 PM): it’s a complicated process
imperfectunion (11:42:58 PM): CNN is talking about how Hillary won’t be able to match Obama’s fundraising
imperfectunion (11:43:17 PM): so they think she’ll really be trying to push debates with Obama because it’s a way to get free press for her
KyleGo93 (11:43:18 PM): and Obama has been projected to win in Alaska, so i correct my last comment
imperfectunion (11:43:21 PM): she can’t afford anything else
imperfectunion (11:43:24 PM): awesome
KyleGo93 (11:43:36 PM): but obama speaks so much better than she does, are debates really a good idea for her?
imperfectunion (11:43:43 PM): dammit, now I have to update my graphic…
imperfectunion (11:44:08 PM): perhaps, he isn’t as good at debates as he is at speeches
imperfectunion (11:44:23 PM): it’s better than leaving him to make speeches to sold-out stadiums
thewindycity23 (11:44:23 PM): exactly
KyleGo93 (11:45:00 PM): good point
KyleGo93 (11:45:58 PM): by the way i really do love the graphic
imperfectunion (11:46:06 PM): ❤
KyleGo93 (11:47:03 PM): has anyone heard what the races are looking like in the next important states such as Penn, Virginia, and Texas?
imperfectunion (11:47:28 PM): it’d be impossible to predict before tonight
imperfectunion (11:47:36 PM): tonight will completely change everything
imperfectunion (11:47:43 PM): I wouldn’t believe any poll held before today
KyleGo93 (11:48:09 PM): I’m not so sure.. with Obama and Clinton basically splitting states and delegates, can either truely claim momentum?
imperfectunion (11:49:11 PM): Yeah, Obama can
imperfectunion (11:49:27 PM): a week ago, Hillary was ahead by almost double digits in every state besides IL
imperfectunion (11:49:31 PM): clearly, Obama is surging
KyleGo93 (11:49:36 PM): mmhmm
thewindycity23 (11:52:18 PM): oookay, heading home. i’ll be updating the final results from there though.
thewindycity23 (11:52:48 PM) has left the room.
KyleGo93 (11:57:07 PM): do you feel that obama will do better with super delegates seeing as he has gotten endorsements from the party establishment such as Kennedy and Leahy and his obvious inspiration of younger dems?
imperfectunion (11:57:46 PM): yeah
imperfectunion (11:57:54 PM): and I think that the more McCain looks like the nominee
imperfectunion (11:58:08 PM): the more superdelegates will change their mind and switch to Obama
imperfectunion (11:58:20 PM): because Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance against McCain
imperfectunion (11:58:25 PM): and the superdelegates have to see that
KyleGo93 (11:59:02 PM): i would assume that too
KyleGo93 (11:59:36 PM): I believe that if Clinton and McCain get the nominations, the Democrats could fail to gain the white house. But that’s like them, defying all odds to find a way to lose
KyleGo93 (12:01:02 AM): if obama wins the nomination, i don’t believe anyone could beat him
imperfectunion (12:01:23 AM): exactly
imperfectunion (12:01:33 AM): although a McCain-Huckabee ticket could give him a run for his money
KyleGo93 (12:02:42 AM): yeah
KyleGo93 (12:02:45 AM): i agree
KyleGo93 (12:03:35 AM): do you count Romney out after today?
KyleGo93 (12:04:32 AM): and if so would anyone ever want him as a VP?
imperfectunion (12:05:59 AM): Hmm
imperfectunion (12:06:09 AM): he won’t get the nod
imperfectunion (12:06:29 AM): if people don’t think Huckabee is conservative enough, he could end up being a VP for McCain
imperfectunion (12:06:38 AM): but that’s hard to see with all the bad blood between them
imperfectunion (12:07:25 AM): especially with Huckabee’s strong showing today, it’s hard to see Romney getting VP
imperfectunion (12:07:53 AM): I’d say that unless Romney pulls a 180 and Huckabee drops out, Romney doesn’t have too much of a chance
KyleGo93 (12:08:04 AM): i agree, i think you can argue that Huckabee is the biggest winner of today
KyleGo93 (12:08:28 AM): McCain was expected to carry most of these states, but Huckabee winning 5 contests, he greatly exceeded expectations
imperfectunion (12:09:36 AM): yeah, who could have predicted?
imperfectunion (12:09:42 AM): I think he’s the surprise story of the night
imperfectunion (12:11:33 AM): also, I think California was absolutely critical tonight
KyleGo93 (12:11:36 AM): ok. well, i’m outta here.
KyleGo93 (12:11:41 AM): props again for the graphic
imperfectunion (12:11:44 AM): alright, thanks for dropping by
KyleGo93 (12:11:52 AM): haha anytime man
imperfectunion (12:11:57 AM): take care doll ❤
KyleGo93 (12:12:11 AM) has left the room.
imperfectunion (12:21:20 AM): Well, it looks like we’re mostly done with the bulk of the night
imperfectunion (12:21:32 AM): New Mexico and Missouri still need to be decided
imperfectunion (12:21:50 AM): and the final results for California probably won’t be known until sometime tomorrow afternoon
imperfectunion (12:22:16 AM): but you can bet we’ll have a few posts keep you up to date on all future developments
imperfectunion (12:22:35 AM): as well as some analysis on what tonight means for all the candidates
imperfectunion (12:22:47 AM): so thanks for joining us for another liveblog, and we’ll see you soon
imperfectunion (12:22:51 AM): this isn’t over by a long shot
imperfectunion (12:24:37 AM): ha, wouldn’t you know it, they just projected Missouri for Obama
imperfectunion (12:24:42 AM): alright, now we’re done for real

7 Responses

  1. So I just voted on a post it note since so many people turned out at my location. I had to wait for an hour and a half in my precinct’s line. I heard of only two people voting for Hilary and nearly everyone was voting for Obama. Good signs I hope but the post it note voting scares me, I’m wondering how many of the votes will actually get counted…

  2. Wow. That’s incredible.

  3. Winona County: 97 percent in:

    71 percent Obama
    27 percent Clinton

    What what what what.

  4. i actually voted for clinton.

  5. JK DOGG!!

  6. also, i dont understand how people still think tax cuts will fix the economy, didnt we pass some of the largest tax cuts in history in 2001 and 2003, and guess what? we’re still in a recession..

  7. Why aren’t you in this liveblog right now?

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