Clinton Pulls a Romney

Hillary Clinton, seen here feeling Barack Obama breathing down her neck, has recently acknowledged lending her campaign $5 million. A press release sums it up like this:

The loan illustrates Senator Clinton’s commitment to this effort and to ensuring that our campaign has the resources it needs to compete and win across this nation. We have had one of our best fundraising efforts ever on the Web today and our Super Tuesday victories will only help in bringing more support for her candidacy.

I believe it illustrates that she is now desperate. After spending almost a year leading in national and state polls by double digits, Barack Obama has erased her inevitability. Now, after being beaten handily in January fund raising numbers, $32 million to $13 million, Clinton is considering adding some more of her own money to the war chest. After the Super Tuesday financial drain, money is getting tight.

Another reason for the Clinton camp to consider another loan is the fact that many Clinton donors are already maxed out for the primary season. Much of Obama’s January donations, on the other hand, were from new donors for small amounts. This fact also shows that Obama’s organization and ability to inspire at the grass roots level is much better than Clintons.

In a story from the Politico, Obama is on pace to raise 30 million or more again in the month of February. According to the Obama campaign only 3% of his donors have hit the maximum of $2,300 for the primary election.
Clinton has recently challenged Obama to “a debate a week,” in an effort to gain free media coverage. Also, reminiscent of Rudy Giuliani, who recently dropped his Presidential bid, some of Clinton’s senior campaign staff has agreed to go without pay for a month.

All of this shows desperation from the fading Clinton, and with three caucuses coming up this weekend, where Obama’s organizational skills give him the edge, Clinton only seems fit to lose even more momentum.


2 Responses

  1. So true about Obama only having room to grow in fundraising. He’s raising awareness and gaining more support everyday. This means that there are always new donors coming in. Hillary on the other hand, isn’t gaining supporters, she’s simply trying to hold on to the monstrous lead she had over the past year. I know that I’ve only donated $50. I have a lot more room to donate before I hit the ceiling. : )

    Also, I mentioned it in the liveblog, but I’ll mention it again. Of course Hillary will keep challenging Obama to debates. Obama isn’t horrible in debates, but he’s much better at making speeches. Every opportunity Hillary can get for free media coverage while keeping Obama from giving speeches at sold-out arenas, she’s going to take. Just today, she decided support a Fox News debate (even though the DNC and all the presidential candidates had boycotted Fox News).

  2. In looking forward, it seems like Barack is just going to continue getting delegates this weekend and next week. I don’t think any states this week will swing for Hillary, given how Barack has been doing in Caucus states and the South, this next week should go well. The first signs we may see as a frontrunner will be in Texas, Ohio, and then a month later in Pennsylvania. Clinton does well in big states, but if you don’t have the massive money outlet, these states are going to be hard to keep. Think about it, Clinton won NY because of home turf, obviously, and California because of years of building support. Does she have the support in these three? We’ll see.

    All I can say is that things are looking brighter every day of this campaign, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet. Who knows how long this race will go on.

    Also, looking at where Obama’s campaign has come in a year, it’s a pretty amazing feat. I don’t know my history, but I would definitely say that it is one of the most effective primary campaigns in the history of our country. I’m so proud to be a part of it!


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