Updated Delegate Numbers

Numbers are still being crunched after all of yesterday’s races, but CNN has given an updated list of delegate numbers for each candidate. Remember, there are pledged delegates, which is what the primaries and caucuses determine; and there are Superdelegates, which are party officials who are guaranteed at a place at the convention, and can support whomever they want.

According to CNN, these are the total pledged delegate counts (including all of the elections before Super Tuesday) plus the Superdelegates, along with the total delegates combined.

Clinton: 783 + 193 = 976
Obama: 761 + 106 = 867

McCain: 697 + 17 = 714
Romney: 286 + 0 = 286
Huckabee: 178 + 3 = 181
Paul: 16 + 0 = 16

Election Center 2008 -[CNN]


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