Romney Ends Campaign

Mitt Romney, who faced setbacks after minimal Super Tuesday wins and the success of McCain, has decided to withdraw from the presidential race.

After deciding on Wednesday night, Romney made his formal announcement on Thursday. Stating that a continued Republican fight would hurt their strength against the Democrats in the general election, Romney explained that he would be dropping his bid.

Now with only two major runners left in the party, McCain is looking stronger than ever, but has a large job of gaining conservative support ahead of him. It will be a balancing act: maintaining the independent votes that have been giving him so much success, but still appealing to the true conservatives who make up a large voting group.

Romney Drops Out of Presidential Race – [NY Times]


3 Responses

  1. This isn’t a huge boost for McCain. This significantly hurts McCain. Without Romney there to split the conservative vote with Huckabee, McCain is going to have a much harder time winning from this point out.


    completely unrelated to this romney post but I feel it’s very important that voters watch this video, please give it its own post

  3. If Huckabee or Romney had pulled out earlier, this race would have been much closer between Mccain and whichever one didnt pull out

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