Is McCain that Different from Bush?

It seems, barring Mike Huckabee receiving divine intervention, John McCain, above being very, very old, will be the Republican nominee for President. So it seems we should take a closer look at him and where he falls on the issues. Is he a maverick Senator as the media defines him, or the constant conservative he has tried to label himself as in recent days. Read more after the jump.

First we should look at what I consider the most important issues of this election. The ongoing War and Occupation in Iraq. McCain, known as a “hawk” on foreign policy was one of the main advocates of invading Iraq. He was also one who thought the military campaign would be relatively easy. He feels that the invasion was “just and noble,” even though all of the administrations reasons for war, WMDs and ties to terrorists, were proven wrong. He now says a timetable for withdrawal is a “white flag of surrender.” Further, he recently stated that he would agree with staying in Iraq for 100 years if casualties were low enough. McCain, on this issues, is incredibly out of step with the American public and the grips of reality. On this issue, he just wants to continue the policies of the Bush Presidency.

His economic policies are also a continuation of George Bush’s. He wants to make permanent the Bush tax cuts that primarily benefited the rich. Although he manned up and voted against tax cuts during a time of war in 2003, he has now shifted his stance. Even though some of the largest tax cuts in history have failed to stop this recession from coming, conservatives like McCain seem to think that even more tax cuts will get us out of it. All his tax cuts, combined with escalating the War in Iraq and possibly Iran, will just increase the deficit catastrophically.

Even with 47 million people uninsured, McCain still calls the effort to allow everyone the opportunity to afford medical care, “socializing” it. He seems to think that all we need in health care is more competition. However, more competition will just cause health companies to cut costs to increase profit. When profit is the sole motive of companies the patients suffer. Sorry to get all Marxist with you guys, but competition hasn’t worked until now, and will only hinder the goal of everyone being able to afford insurance.

As with George Bush, John McCain doesn’t support GLBT marriage rights. He supported the 2006 ballot initiative to ban gay marriage and civil unions in Arizona, which thankfully failed. Arizona actually became the first state in the union to defeat a state marriage amendment. He also advocates for the continuation of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. This has led to hundreds of translators to be discharged from the Army. Does who you love really effect how well you can defend your country? I really don’t think so.

To finish up, he voted against renewing the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Obviously he feels the 2nd Amendment covers AK-47s. He also has recently stated that he is for overturning Roe v. Wade, which established a women’s right to abortion.

As McCain has disagreed on a small number of issues of the conservative mainstream, some in the far right have sought to call him a moderate or a maverick, even a liberal. Some of these issues include campaign finance, immigration, and stem cells. However, while reaching out to conservatives in the primary season, he has stated that he will revisit his stand on immigration. However, these issue stances are the rare exceptions, not the rule. So it seems that instead of bringing to the Presidency a moderate or maverick mentality, it will be only a continuation of many of George Bush’s worst policies.


8 Responses

  1. Making fun of McCain for being old is no different than making fun of Obama for being black or Hillary for being a woman. Yes its all in good fun, if there was an article on here that made fun of those two for those reasons, there would be an outrage.

  2. hopefully you read just more than that sentence.

    and it is much different from making fun of a race or a gender.

    have old people even been enslaved just because of their race? did old people have to wait til 1920 to be able to exercise the right to vote?

    women and african americans face much more discrimination historically and presently than rich old white men.

  3. It’s no secret that McCain has been consistently taking more conservative stances on issues over the past few months. He needs to woo the voters who don’t think he’s “conservative enough.” Unfortunately for McCain, this means he’ll have to keep compromising his policies over the coming months and further hurt his chances with Republicans. I think comparisons to Bush must also take into account character, which is a category in which McCain radically differs. Independents love him because he isn’t afraid to compromise and work with the Dems, something that Bush hasn’t been able to do in the past few years.

    Jus’ sayin’

    Good post though. I’m fine with you making fun of McCain’s age.

  4. i agree, the character of mccain and bush are basically polar opposites.

    also i do think bringing age up with mccain, whether seriously or joking is legitimate.

    age, unlike race or gender can effect memory and decision making. I also believe there is evidence that ronald reagan developed symptoms of Alzheimer’s in during his time in office.

  5. Obviously I read more than that. Discrimination is discrimination regardless of who has been more so in the past, it still doesn’t make it ok. Because old people haven’t been discriminated against in the past, its ok to do it now? I don’t see a difference.

  6. Yeah, I really don’t think the geezer-poking is that big of a deal, this is where impingement on free speech gets stupid and people stop using logic. Obviously making fun of someone because of their race is far more serious than saying someone is old. Good write-up Kyle.

  7. Despite age, race, or gender, McCain can indubitably be compared to Bush! I understand getting the President’s “blessing” is a political “big deal”, but honestly, if I were on McCain’s staff I wouldn’t allow for my candidate to step within the same picture frame with Mr. Bush from now until the elections. Bush is a great friend for decreasing public ratings. What is McCain thinking?
    Basically, this whole age thing is a joke, but the logic and fact which come into play are unavoidable. Psychological investigation has discovered that once you hit the big 7 0 , all basic senses decrease almost to half. There are exceptions, but it is very rare. The fact is, if McCain is elected, he would be the oldest first term President of the United States! I hope not… He is not physically or mentally fit to be head of the most powerful nation in the world. There should be an age cap based on these investigations.

  8. ASwadner, on February 8th, 2008 at 5:36 pm Said:
    “Obviously I read more than that. ”

    It’s not obvious!

    Why don’t you talk about the other issues. If you’re talking about age discrimination, say so and give examples, ie. how the author is discriminating against McCain. Actually, if McCain is elected, he would be the oldest president ever to take office. I don’t think this is discrimination by the author . . . just fact.

    Otherwise, the ‘age’ statement is nowhere near as important as issues like the ‘perpetual war’ (ex. Iraq), outsourcing (ex. IT jobs sent to India), the economy (ex. impending recession – mortgages defaulting), illegal immigration (ex. everywhere), etc.

    I find your comments to be the despicable fodder of someone trying to invent a cause. .

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