Sorta Super Saturday

The results are coming in for the four states that held primaries and caucuses today, and it looks like a solid Obama sweep and what could be a Huckabee sweep. Washington is the state to watch for a battle between McCain and Huckabee. Here are the numbers so far:

100% Reporting
Huckabee- 60%
McCain- 24%
Paul- 11%
Romney- 3%

99% Reporting
Obama- 68%
Clinton- 32%

96% Reporting
Obama- 68%
Clinton- 31%
Uncommitted- 1%

87% Reporting
McCain- 26%
Huckabee- 24%
Paul- 21%
Romney- 16%
Uncommitted- 13%

100% Reporting
Obama- 57%
Clinton- 36%

100% Reporting
Huckabee- 43%
McCain- 42%
Romney- 7%
Paul- 5%


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