Edwards Ponders Endorsement


After meeting with Hillary Clinton on Thursday, John Edwards will also talk to Barack Obama on Monday, all in an attempt to figure out a possible (and important) presidential endorsement.

The former candidate met with advisers on Saturday to discuss the electability, policy issues, and ideals of both candidates, though some in his camp still believe he should refrain from endorsing anyone.

Edwards has given no glimpse as to who he is leaning towards, and a large consideration may be the possibility of a Vice-President position, though neither candidate has hinted at that as of yet.

In any case, it will be an important endorsement and a potential turning point for the many hard core Edwards supporters still out there. As for Edwards’ delegates, they are not technically bound in the convention to vote for any one candidate. Therefore, if Edwards endorses a particular candidate, it is likely that his delegates will switch to that candidate at the convention. Additionally, his Superdelegates just go back to the no-endorsement pool.

Edwards meeting with Clinton, Obama on endorsement – [CNN]


3 Responses

  1. I have heard he still may not endorse anyone at all. And committed delegates can just switch like that?

  2. Apparently–check out this article that compares Edwards’ situation to another presidential race:

  3. i suppose, just like the electoral college isn’t necessarily bound

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