New Clinton Campaign Manager Brings More “Experience” (aka Slime)

We reported earlier that Hillary Clinton has brought in long-time adviser Maggie Williams as her new campaign manager. Well, it’s only been a couple days, and the dirt is already out. Apparently Williams was the person who solicited the much talked about and not-so-legal campaign contribution from Johnny Chung during Billy boy’s 1996 re-election campaign. Not only was the contribution illegal, but the means that it was delivered:

During one visit to the White House, he handed a $50,000 check to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret A. Williams.

Williams accepted the check and passed it along to the DNC, even though federal law bars government employees from accepting campaign contributions on government property.

Furthermore, during Hillary’s superfluous re-election campaign last year, in which she spent nearly $30 million in an all-but-guaranteed win, Maggie received $37,500. When the New York Times asked why she received this amount, the Clinton camp replied with an “oops” and said she should have received less than $5,000 as reimbursements for travel fees. They must have accidentally added a 3 in front of it…and a 7 instead of a 5…and then accidentally added $500. Right.

In addition to this, she was part of the damage control team for the Clinton administration including some questionable incidents:

In 1995, a uniformed Secret Service officer swore under oath he saw her leave White House lawyer and Hillary confidant Vince Foster’s office carrying documents after Foster committed suicide. Williams denied it.

Bottom line, if Hillary Clinton is running on “experience” this is the wrong kind to have and only adds to the sliminess of the campaign thus far.

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