No Endorsements Here

As the candidates are being whittled down and major politicians are putting in their support, all eyes are turned to see who gets the most big endorsements. But not every politician is deciding to throw their two cents in.

The ever newsworthy Al Gore has, according to some sources, decided not to endorse neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton, despite (or perhaps because of) having good relationships with both candidates. However, he hopes to get involved with environmental policy in whichever administration wins out.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are also said to have no endorsement plans.

On the Republican side, Ron Paul is not backing down quite yet, especially when it comes to John McCain. Paul said he would not support McCain unless his stance on the war drastically changes. This comes after Paul announced he would not seek an Independent bid, but will instead scale back on his presidential campaign. However, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is putting his support into McCain, giving him another important endorsement.

Sources: Gore won’t endorse – [CNN]
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Jeb Bush gets behind McCain -[CNN]


One Response

  1. I think we’ll see less and less really noteworthy endorsements from major Democratic superdelegates like Gore. It seems like the popular sentiment right now among superdelegates is to allow the states to hold all their primaries first and then figure it out from there.

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