Obama Sweeps Again, Leads in Delegates

Barack Obama swept all contests again Tuesday night in the Potomac primaries including Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. This time, Obama appears to have penetrated Hillary Clinton’s core bases of support including people over 60 where he bested HRC by 8 points in Virginia and 4 points in Maryland among that group, women where he won roughly 60% of the female vote in both of those states, and Latinos, a group he beat Clinton in by 6 points in both states in. He further solidified his support among African-Americans, winning 90% of their votes. The following is a headline from Drudge Report demonstrating Obama’s straight up dominance in some areas:

In the Chesapeake Rout, according to exit polls in Maryland, Obama won:
Latino Voters By Six Points: 53-47
All Religions (Including Catholics)
All Age Groups (Including Seniors)
All Regions
All Education Levels

Clearly Obama’s appeal is widespread, reaching every possible voter sect, despite what the Clinton camp might tell you. Also, I am aware D.C. data is missing, I haven’t been able to find any info on it from any of the news outlets, but Obama won 3 to 1, sooooo I’d imagine the numbers are even greater there. Barack is now leading in delegate, although NBC has had him leading since Super Tuesday, even stubborn CNN has finally calculated that he is ahead.

With probable victories in Wisconsin and Hawaii next Tuesday, Clinton’s last chance will be March 4th in Texas and Ohio where she has been polling well. However, this task is seeming tougher and tougher with the probability of Senator Obama going into March with 10 victories in a row.

Final (sorta) Results:
Virginia (99% reporting):
Obama 64%, 52 delegates
Clinton 35%, 28 delegates

Maryland (61% reporting):
Obama 60%, 27 delegates
Clinton 37%, 15 delegates

District of Columbia (97% reporting):
Obama 75%, 10 delegates
Clinton 24%, 3 delegates

Exit Polls: Obama wins among older voters in Maryland, Virginia – [CNN]
Exit polls: Obama stealing Clinton’s base – [CNN]
Obama wins 3 primaries for delegate lead – [AP]


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  1. I don’t think they did exit polling in D.C. That’s probably why you can’t find numbers, but that’s where he won by the greatest margins.

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