McCain Wins Three More but Fails to Silence Huckabee

John McCain cruised to another three victories in the Potomac primaries on Tuesday, further solidifying his role as the Republican front-runner. While Mike Huckabee briefly gave him a run for his money in Virginia, the final results for all three primaries strongly favor the Arizona senator.

Regardless of the fact that it is almost mathematically impossible for Huckabee to win the nomination, he has pledged to stay in the race. “The nomination is not secured until somebody has 1,191 delegates,” Huckabee said. “That has not yet happened. We’re still continuing to work and to give voters in these states a choice.”

Yeah, well, Mitt Romney said the same thing the night before he dropped out of the race. I’d be surprised if he is still in the race for the next Republican primaries on Tuesday. Huckabee has to realize that he’s only hurting his party at this point. McCain will be the Republican nominee, so why stay in the race to beat him in a handful of states? Proving that you can beat him among conservatives is only further dividing the constituency that the Republican party will need to win the general election in November. I like Mike, he’s fun to hear in the news, but he better get out of the race now before he overstays his welcome and pisses of the man who he likely wants to run with as Vice President.

Potomac Primary Results – [CNN]


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