COULD we possibly have a nominee that hasn’t won any significant states besides Illinois?

In a string of post-defeat woes, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been scrambling to find any reason to position her as the leading potential Democratic nominee. In a recent conference call, Clinton’s Chief Stategist, Mark Penn, further commented on Hillary’s electability:

Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn’t won any of the significant states — outside of Illinois?

Gee wiz! Thanks for asking the tough questions Mark! Why should we listen to rest of the nation when we can only listen to New York!?

This just in! A leaked memo to democratic voters of every state Hillary has lost – from Hillary herself!

Dear Democratic voters of: Alabama, Georgia, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Alaska, Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Utah, Maine, and Connecticut,

While your vote is certainly appreciated, we all know you fail to contribute to the rest of the nation like New York or Arkansas can. Give it up. I am going to be the nominee even if it means pretending you don’t exist all the way until November.

With love,

Hillary Clinton

Clinton to fight for every delegate [MSNBC]


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