A graduate student at Northern Illinois University opened fire Thursday killing 5 people then taking his own life. A total of 22 people were shot authorities say. Now is usually when we would bring up the gun control debate, but I think there is something far more concerning when it comes to these incidents, and that is there is some element of our society that makes incidents like today’s tragedy at NIU happen. I would love to tell you what part of our culture is responsible for this, or why it happens, but I’m drawing a blank. Japan has extremely violent pop culture and doesn’t have school shootings, but they have strict gun control laws. However, in Bowling for Columbine, as I’m sure you know, it is shown that Canada has high levels of gun ownership, but no incidents like the U.S. does. So why do these horrible, horrible tragedies keep happening here?

6 Dead in N. Illinois University Massacre – [CBS 2 Chicago]


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