Romney wants McCain to be his Valentine

Former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney plans to endorse John McCain this afternoon, handing over his 280 delegates in the process. The endorsement by Romney, who frequently and viciously attacked McCain before withdrawing from the race, will most likely be a big step forward for party unity in the divided Republican party.

This comes as another big blow for Mike Huckabee. Running as the “real conservative candidate,” he must have been hoping for Romney’s endorsement and, more importantly, delegates. Instead, Romney has put McCain just under the necessary delegate count to secure the nomination. It seems more likely than ever now that we will see Huckabee’s withdrawal within the next few days.

Romney to Endorse Former Rival McCain – [Washington Post]


One Response

  1. the other blow is Huckabee needs something like 123% of the remaining delegates BEFORE Romney’s are handed over…aka it’s impossible unless McCain croaks

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