What’s Next for McCain?

John McCain, now the presumptive Republican front runner, not long ago was running on fumes. Before New Hampshire, no one thought McCain had a chance, and his campaign wallet showed the same. Now that he is able to stop debating and attacking his Republican opponents, he can shift his focus elsewhere.That elsewhere is raising money. With the ability of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to raise gratuitous amounts of money at the drop of a hat, McCain has some catch-up to do. CNN reports that McCain’s campaign is reaching out to about 300 major GOP donors, most who have given to other candidates, but not yet to McCain. The fact that many Republicans have yet to donate to McCain is an opportunity for the Arizona Senator. He can convey the urgency of uniting the party, and cash in on that message.

Further down on the radar for him, and higher up for most news outlets is who McCain will choose for his running mate. However, his choice could be one of the factors that can bring conservatives back into his camp. If he chooses a Vice President that is sufficiently anti-gay, anti-immigrant, and pro-tax cut, the fears of those who supported Huckabee and Romney in the primaries will be eased. Also, as a man approaching his 72nd birthday, his pick will be more scrutinized than most.


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  1. Romney is endorsing today

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