Is This The “Experience” We’re Looking For?

You know what, Hillary Clinton is right, she does have more foreign policy experience; because I don’t think Barack Obama has ever made a foreign leader publicly insult him. While in New Hampshire, Clinton claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin “doesn’t have a soul.” I’m pretty sure this is the last type of relations we need to be having with them right now. The world already hates us, and HRC is already worsening foreign relations without the nomination. Putin fired back Thursday when asked about the incident at a press conference:

At a minimum, a head of state should have a head

Thankfully, we aren’t going to make her head of state right?

Putin vs. Clinton – [Politico]


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  1. […] again. Iran filed a protest with the UN, and she has already created a row with Vladimir Putin by saying he “doesn’t have a soul”. While obviously Putin may not be the most admirable man […]

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