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Bush Hesitant on Darfur

While on his five country tour of Africa, President Bush spoke in Rwanda about the genocide in Darfur:

Evil must be confronted

Nice work, but as long as we aren’t the ones to confront it right? Right. Bush pledged another $100 million to the crisis but is still adament about not sending US troops there. So it’s okay to send our troops to die in Iraq for selfish corporate and colonial interests, but it isn’t okay to send them on a peacekeeping mission to Darfur where over 200,000 people have died since 2003?

I made a decision and I stand by it. I’m comfortable with the decision I made; I’m not comfortable with how quick the [international] response has been.

Congratulations to you, you made a quick decision to not get involved. President Bush, I’m not comfortable with your decision to ignore this crisis. How you can place the blame on others when we are just as guilty is beyond me. While his criticism of the UN’s “bureaucratic” approach is justified, we have no right to look down our noses at them. The international community’s continual hesitance on this issue cannot last any longer and neither can ours.

Bush urges end to Darfur ‘evil’ – [BBC]


One Response

  1. Maybe Bush hasn’t spoken up because he doesn’t want to appear hypocritical. NOT!

    A lot of “Save Darfur” activists talk about the United States intervening in Sudan, but the matter of fact is that the United States is and has been involved in Sudan politically and militarily.See http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=447&Itemid=1

    Of course it has been to the detriment and not benefit of the people. Look at what the U.S. has done in Iraq, Somalia, the Congo and many other places around the world.

    The Congo is where the most killings and rapes are occurring, but Western countries don’t give it as much coverage or condemnations as Sudan; Since the United States, Israel and Europe benefit form the diamonds, other natural resources, sale of weapons and slave labor, the lives of these black Africans don’t matter as much.

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