Make That 10 Straight

Senator Barack Obama decisively claimed his native state of Hawaii Tuesday night, with 76% of the vote, making it his tenth straight victory. As the final votes were tallied in Wisconsin, his lead actually jumped since when we last reported it, with a 17 point win. Wisconsin was supposed to be where the Clinton campaign wanted to turn things around, the demographics were right, she covered the state with negative ads, and hit him with the plaigarism scandal the day before to boot. But what happened? Obama exceeded all expectations and ended up winning by 17 points, not narrowly losing as some polls had suggested. After last night’s victory, Hillary has to win 58% of the remaining delegates in order to get the pledged delegate lead back, and that assumes that Obama won’t win anymore states by a notable margin. Basically, Obama has to slip-up in a huge way, which doesn’t appear likely. He will keep it close at the very least in Texas and Ohio and if he wins, he has it in the bag. Furthermore, Hillary has to decide when enough is enough, she recently pumped $5 million into the campaign; how much can she keep loaning herself and how much more can the Clinton legacy take before it’s too late?

Wisconsin Primaries:
Obama 58%, 42 Delegates
Clinton 41%, 32 Delegates

Hawaii Caucuses:
Obama 76%, 14 Delegates
Clinton 24%, 6 Delegates

First thoughts: Obama goes 10-0 – [MSNBC]

Below is Obama’s victory speech from Houston:


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