Obama Opens Up National Lead

In a Reuters/Zogby poll released on today, Barack Obama has opened up a large national lead over Hillary Clinton, 52-38%. The poll also showed Obama up 47-40% over John McCain in the November general election, bolstering his argument that he is the most electable candidate. The poll cautions it was taken before Clinton’s plagiarism accusations and before Obama’s decisive victories in Hawaii and Wisconsin.

Specifically, Obama led all ages other than seniors, all income groups other than those making under $25,000 a year, and among Democrats and Independents. He also led narrowly among white voters and was tied with Clinton among women. The minority vote should come into play in Texas, a state which votes on March 4th, where about 30% of the state is Hispanic and 15% is African American. In the Reuters/Zogby poll Clinton led among Hispanic respondents and Obama led among African Americans.

This poll shows how widely Obama’s momentum spread with his 10 straight victories. The vote in Wisconsin, in which Obama defied expectations, shows that Clinton’s unsubstantiated claims of plagiarism does not resonate with voters. Obama should perform well in both Texas and Ohio, where he has made inroads among Clinton’s sympathetic demographics, and perhaps clinch the nomination.

Obama surges past Clinton — [Reuters]


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