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Donors Wary of Clinton’s Campaign Spending


As Hillary Clinton’s campaign management comes and goes, so does the massive amount of money she’s raised–and her donors aren’t too happy with where that money is going.

Much of the funds have been spent on high-priced consultants, whose strategies are under fire for their recent lack of success. One firm has billed the Clinton campaign more than $10 million. The campaign has dropped $106 million total so far.

“We didn’t raise all of this money to keep paying consultants who have pursued basically the wrong strategy for a year now,” said a donor. “So much about her campaign needs to change — but it may be too late.”

Although Clinton and Barack Obama’s spending rates have stayed about the same, she has failed to continue raising money at the speed that he maintains.

A main difference in the fundraising of the two candidates was Clinton’s reliance on a group of donors giving the maximum amount, $4600, right off the bat. Obama on the other hand used smaller donations from more people, which has shown a continued success throughout the campaign. Additionally, Clinton didn’t predict such a drawn out race and budgeted poorly for this outcome, not to mention spending $25,000 on Vegas hotel rooms.

“The problem is she ran a campaign like they were staying at the Ritz-Carlton,” said Joe Trippi, former adviser to John Edwards. “Everything was the best. The most expensive draping at events. The biggest charter. It was like, ‘We’re going to show you how presidential we are by making our events look presidential.’ ”

Where Obama spent the most money, the results ended up positive and ultimately helped him win in those states. However, for Clinton, dropping huge amounts in states like Iowa proved unhelpful and problematic.

“Obviously, some campaigns are more careful and wise with their money than others,” Jim Jordan, a Democratic consultant. “But these budgetary post-mortems tend to follow a familiar pattern; winners are by definition smart, and losers are dumb and wasteful. In truth, campaign budgeting is hard and complicated and three-dimensional and just impossible to understand without the full time-and-place context of the whole race.”

Clinton Donors Worried by Campaign’s Spending – [NY Times]


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