Our Robot Overlords Have Come: ‘Virtual Fence’ Stops Illegal Immigration

Yeah, I know. The first thing I thought of when I heard the government was using a virtual fence to stop illegal border crossing was a dog fence. But it turns out it’s more robotic overlord than shock collar. The at times hillariously inept Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, announced Friday that this 28-mile “virtual fence” will use radars and security cameras to catch people illegally coming into the country.

The virtual fence is part of a national plan to secure the southwest border with physical barriers and high-tech detection capabilities intended to stop illegal immigrants on foot and drug smugglers in vehicles. As of Thursday, 302 miles of fencing had been constructed.

The virtual fence system employs the use of 98 foot unmanned surveillance towers that have an “array of sophisticated technology” that includes radar, sensors and cameras capable of distinguishing a person from cattle at a distance of 10 miles. Additionally, it can pick a tick off a desert shrew in 20 mph winds from 30 miles away. Well, that part isn’t true, yet.

This virtual fence may prove more effective than a normal wire fence, but that’ll probably prove little consolation to the few left alive in the robotic spice mines.

‘Virtual fence’ OK’d for U.S.-Mexico border – [CNN]


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  1. i mean, i used to bullseye womp rats in my t-16 back home, they aren’t much bigger than an illegal immigrant

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