Ron Paul Says “No” to Independent Bid

After long speculation of an independent ticket for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the libertarian said he would not go down that road after all.  After the GOP candidate is confirmed, Paul will back out.

“I have no plans to do that,” Paul told a small group of reporters before a rally. “I would suspect that if we don’t win, if the trends continue we’re not likely to win, that I will run for Congress.”

Despite his online revolution and good fundraising results (including a record $6 million in one day), Paul realizes he has no chance against frontrunner John McCain. His plans for getting rid of the income tax and his opposition of the Iraq War garnered a cult-like following, but was not enough to surpass the more mainstream candidates.

“We tapped into a real nerve. People have really responded way above anything I ever dreamed of,” said Paul “I believed it would take another generation before we could get this much enthusiasm for what I’m talking about.”

Paul says he won’t try to run as an independent – [Houston Chronicle]


One Response

  1. I don’t know how to feel about this, i’m not sure whose votes he would have taken away?

    he attracts the young and those opposed to Iraq, but he supports ultra conservative economic policies.

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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