US Wants Musharraf in Power Regardless of Defeat

US officials are asking the Pakistani government to allow President Pervez Musharraf to remain the leader of Pakistan despite his party’s resound defeat in the recent elections. This is clearly meddling in others’ affairs that impinges on the sovereignty of the Pakistani people. They voted for the opposition party, thus the opposition party should be able to place their representative in the presidential position instead of this pseudo-dictator.

Musharraf, who assumed power via military coup, suspended Pakistan’s constitution and declared a state of emergency in an apparent attempt to quell opposition defiance. This allowed freedom of speech rights to be taken away and opposition member to be detained without charges. However, the United States and the rest of the west strongly urged Musharraf to discontinue the rounding up of members of the political opposition. He also removed Pakistan’s chief justice before an important ruling regarding the validity of his presidency.

Why does the United States continue to back this man you ask? Musharraf has been a vital ally in the War on Terrorism and US officials are worried that a new leader would not be as sympathetic to US interests considering 89% of Pakistanis said in a recent poll that they reject any cooperation with the United States in the war on terrorism.

Regardless of his value to us, it is disgusting the United States continues to support this corrupt man and that we have no respect for the sovereignty of the Pakistani people.

US Urges Pakistan To Keep Musharraf Despite Massive Election Defeat – [Huffington Post]
Are Musharraf’s days numbered? – [BBC]
Polls: Musharraf, al Qaeda losing support – [CNN]
Musharraf Suspends Pakistan’s Constitution – [CBS News, Nov. 7th 2007]


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