Finally Taking Responsibility? Justice Department Investigates Waterboarding

From inside the Justice Department, a watchdog group called the Office of Professional Responsibility is beginning an investigation into CIA use of waterboarding as an interrogation method. This report will be the first look into the tactic by an inside group, and may give legal advice for possible prosecution.

It was just two weeks ago when CIA Director Michael Hayden, seen above hugging his invisible friend, admitted to using waterboarding on Al-Qaeda suspects in 2002 and 2003. However, he claimed the method is no longer used by the CIA. The OPR will be investigating claims that governmental lawyers from the Justice Department advised the CIA to use the interrogation.

“Because of the significant public interest in this matter, O.P.R. will consider releasing to Congress and the public a nonclassified summary of our final report,” Mr. Jarrett wrote.

However, speculation that the OPR is not the best group to be investigating is going around. The department has supposedly been working on the case for some time now, but only now decided to reveal this fact. Additionally, the department is very small and reports directly to Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Check out the analysis at Slate about why Glenn Fine, the Justice Department’s inspector general, isn’t the one working on the case.

Basically, it’s a first step into discovering the truth behind how waterboarding made it into CIA allowances. But it’s up to the strength of the OPR to really follow through sufficiently.

Waterboarding Focus of Inquiry by Justice Dept. – [NY Times]

No Bark, No Bite – [Slate]


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